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Which current member of the Cleveland Indians organization do you most want to see win a World Series?

Preferably while still on the Indians, of course.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

With how many games a baseball team plays in any given year, it is especially easy to become attached to a certain player if you are watching every one of those games. I could be biased, but I find it a lot easier to do so with baseball than any other sport. You watch them play nearly every day for four months out of every year, and now you even follow them on social media. Because of all this, it can make it especially difficult to watch a favorite player not achieve the ultimate goal of a World Series.

Outside of your own desire to see the Cleveland Indians win a World Series (which I hope you have), which current player do you most want to see holding that trophy and riding in a parade through Cleveland, or whatever city they eventually end up in?

It can be for literally any reason you want. Older, veteran players who have worked in the league for years with no playoffs are usually the easiest to root for. Take for instance someone like New York Mets third baseman David Wright, who has repeatedly chosen to stay with his home team, often at a discount, instead of hitting the free agent market. The Indians do not have any players with quite that tenure length, but there are still some veteran options, or even some exciting young players who you may just want to see win it all before they struggle for the better part of a decade.

But it does not have to be a veteran player or even a player at all. Maybe you really want to see Terry Francona lead the Indians to a championship, or see Chris Antonetti be rewarded for his years of 16 years of service on the team.

For me, it comes down to two candidates who are probably obvious. One is Michael Brantley, who--along with Carlos Carrasco--is the Tribe’s longest tenured player. Brantley is the kind of player that leads by example instead of loud bravado, but when he hits his emotional highs, it shows. He is an exciting player, and would be a well-deserved person to hold the World Series trophy high above his head in early-November. Luckily, he still has at least three years left to do it in an Indians uniform before I have to start rooting against him as long as the Indians are in the hunt.

My secondary choice--or more like a 1b choice--would be Sandy Alomar. It sucks that he missed out on the chance to do it as a player, but I would love to see the catcher-turned-first-base-coach win a World Series, especially after he chose to stay with the team this offseason.