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Cody Anderson reflects on his excellent rookie year

Plus more on the playoff excitement!

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The playoffs are in full swing, and though the Indians didn't make it, there is also a glorious absence of Yankees and Sox. In celebration of that joyous fact, here's another rousing edition of your Friday N&N:

Indians news & notes

Cody Anderson knows he can't wait forever to look back on his rookie season | - After the season ended, Cody Anderson drove from Cleveland to his hometown of Quincy, CA. Maybe that drive finally allowed him time enough to reflect on the considerable accomplishments of his rookie season. Whether it was learning from Corey Kluber or inspiration from his BFF Josh Tomlin, Cody always stayed hungry.

Indians, Paul Dolan reportedly closing in on minority investor | - Dolan has made it clear in the past that he's looking for a minority investment, but it's not something that will likely affect team payroll. Just another dude for Dolan to be CHEEP BROS with. Do yourself a favor and read the comments very closely. You'll feel better about your own life choices.

The curious contract case of Cody Allen | - Allen is eligible for arbitration this offseason, but it's hard to get a handle on the 26 year-old closer's worth. Is an arbitration case pending for "The Maid" (click through for origins of the new nickname)?

Yesterday's baseball

ALDS Game 1: Ranger 5, Blue Jays 3 - The Blue Jays lost their first playoff game in 22 years, but even worse is that they lost Josh Donaldson and Jose Batista to a concussion scare and a hamstring strain, respectively. Pete Rose thinks Donaldson was being a wimp by leaving the game, but anyone who takes cues from Pete Rose at this point is a bigger moron than he is. Anyway, both will likely be OK, but it was a tough break for the canucks. The Rangers' Adrian Beltre also left the game with back stiffness, but Texas escaped the Rogers Centre with a 1-0 series lead.

Um, other ALDS Game 1: Astros 5, Royals 2 - Home field advantage didn't mean much for the Royals, as George Springer and Colby Rasmus both went deep while Houston's Collin McHugh turned in a solid start in the rain-delayed game. Kendrys Morales hit two homers, but who cares.

Today's baseball

Both NLDS Game 1s (Games 1?) are happening:

Cubs (Jon Lester) @ Cardinals (John Lackey), 6:30 pm ET, TBS

Mets (Jacob deGrom) @ Dodgers (Clayton Kershaw), 9:30 pm ET, TBS

Other MLB tidbits

Vin Scully to miss post-season after medical procedure | Twitter - He's announced his retirement after the 2016 season, so he may be missing his last shot at calling a Dodgers playoff.

Fan updates Pirates World Champs tattoo | CBS Sports - Some dummy got a stupid tattoo, then made it worse once the Pirates were eliminated. About what you'd expect from a Pittsburgher.

Royal grounds crew almost swallowed by tarp | Yahoo Sports - The Royals suck so bad that the suck trickles down to their grounds crew.