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Fun with odds: Guessing what the Cleveland Indians will do this offseason

Place your bets...

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Indians 2015 season was not as successful as we fans would have liked, but a solid finish and a strong nucleus of talent means there's plenty of hope for next year and beyond.

Every offseason brings excitement about what the team will do; what players they will potentially trade for; what free agents they'll court.  This offseason is shaping up that way as well, with rumors and ideas floating around the interwebs to tease Tribe fans everywhere.

What will the Indians end up doing?  Trades?  Free-agents?  Contract extensions?  Let's have some fun and take a look at some odds on potential Tribe moves this off-season.

Trades Carlos Santana (10 to 1)

While some fans ( commenters esecially) would like to see this move happen, it's not that likely.  Santana finished with a 110 wRC+ this year while battling some nagging back issues and is on a relatively club-friendly deal.  Bet carefully here.

Signs Big Name Free Agent with $40+ million deal (12 to 1)

After being burned by the Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn deals, this one is a tough sell.  While I hope the club is active this winter, I don't expect them to spend big money.  Sadly, $40 million really isn't big money anymore in baseball, but remember it's the Indians we're talking about here.

Signs a Reclamation Project Starting Pitcher (1 to 2)

This is the Tribe's go-to move just about every year, with examples like Kevin Millwood, Scott Kazmir, Shawn Marcum, or Gavin Floyd.  Another signing or two like this is very likely again, so get ready for the big Chad Billingsley signing.

Trades Top Prospects for a Power Hitter (8 to 1)

Sure, the Indians haven't been afraid to trade prospects for top talent (see the Ubaldo deal) but I'm just not sure they'll pull the trigger this winter.  This club looks set to compete for the next few years and risking a big chunk of the future on just one guy like Todd Frazier is a big gamble.  Expect Bradley Zimmer, Brady Aiken, and Clint Frazier to still be in the organization come spring training.

Trades Francisco Lindor (200 to 1)



Which offseason prop stands out to you?  Which odds would you cash in on?  What other moves might the Indians make?