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Entire Cleveland Indians Coaching Staff Expected to Return in 2016

Good news and bad news, kids...

Returning Tribe coach Mickey Roethlisway warms up before Sunday's AFC Championship Game.
Returning Tribe coach Mickey Roethlisway warms up before Sunday's AFC Championship Game.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

• In case you missed it, Chris Antonetti was promoted to president of baseball operations, Mike Chernoff was promoted to general manager and Derek Falvey is the new assistant GM. Little will change with how the front office operates in light of these promotions. This is a good thing. Bastian and LGT links to this story

• Chris Antonetti expects the entire coaching staff to return. In the case of Mickey Callaway, this is welcome news. Ahem.

• The Astros took down the Mighty Yankees last night, 3-0 in the AL Wild Card Game. Dallas Keuchel pitched 6 scoreless innings for Houston, striking out 7.

• Buntin' Francona offered his endorsement for #Lindor2015 in the Rookie of the Year election.

• Chris Antonetti said that he has not made a decision yet on Ryan Raburn's 2016 option. I have and think it should be picked up.

• Here are some arbitration projections for eligible Tribesmen.

•'s "Elo Rankings" liked the 2015 Indians a lot, which is rather depressing:

Elo thinks Tuesday night’s AL wild-card game between the New York Yankees and Houston Astros is a snoozer featuring the two worst teams in the playoff field, both of whom are worse, according to Elo, than the 81-80 Cleveland Indians

• The Miami Marlins re-sign Ichiro for 2016. Which is strange in itself. Then you learn that they'll be paying him $2M with a $2M option for 2017 and it really seems weird.

• Dan Jennings will not manage those Marlins in 2016.

• Here are the probable pitching matchups for the first 3 games of the Dodgers-Mets series. 6 pitchers; highest ERA: 3.69. Looking forward to this series probably more than the World Series.

• LGFT Chris Archer was apparently quite impressive in the ESPN booth last night. And Chris Perez's dog was quite impressive in the ESPN mailroom†.

• Walt Weiss will remain manager of the Rockies. They lost 94 games in 2015.

• And it appears that Scott Kazmir just now considers himself in the playoffs—a position I still think I agree with.

† We're skipping over DeRosa for the sake of this joke.