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What if the Cleveland Indians won the World Series, but you missed it?

While you were sleeping...

Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

If you're a grown up (sorry college kids, you're not grown ups) and have been an Indians fan since you were little, you should have at least vague memories of the team being in the World Series. If you're in your 30s you probably have traumatic memories of those World Series appearances, because they ended badly and took place when you were likely at your most emotional. If you're in your 40s, 50s, or 60s, those memories maybe aren't quite as painful, because you'd experienced so many miserable seasons that you probably had an easier time being happy with a couple AL pennants, and you were a grown up by the time 1995 and 1997 rolled around, and hopefully had a bit more perspective on the world. Unless you're in your 70s or older though, what you don't have is any memory of the Tribe winning the World Series. To witness such a happening is something that would mean a great deal to many of us.

Imagine if you will that a couple days before next season begins, you suffer some sort of malady that puts you into a coma. You come out of this coma (your body and mind incredibly having suffered no long- or even medium-term effects!) just in time for Thanksgiving. One of the first things you are told after coming out of the coma is that your beloved Cleveland Indians finally did it, they won the World Series, sweeping the San Francisco Giants!

How would you feel about this news? What would you do?

I grew up without knowing a single other Indians fan. The Indians having won the 1979 World Series is something a lot of you my age wish for, because while you wouldn't have seen it, it would have meant a lot to your father, but the difference between the Indians not having won since 1948 and not having won since 1979 is basically no difference at all to me, because either way, I didn't see it.

I would know that all of you had an incredible year with the Tribe, and part of me would be happy for you, but another part of me would be envious. Missing an Indians season like 2015 would make me feel like I missed out, but missing a season in which the Indians won the World Series would make me feel like I'd been left behind. The bond I feel with you all wouldn't feel the same anymore, because I hadn't experienced what you had.

In this day and age, it would be possible to go back and watch every single game from both the regular and postseason, but knowing the final outcome would eliminate much of the enjoyment, for me at least. I'm sure I would go back and watch some of them, but with the understanding that my doing so would in no real way recreate the experience of watching them as they happened. It would be like looking at pictures of people in love, rather than actually being in love.

If I ever go into a coma for eight months, the Indians better do right by me and have a ho-hum season.