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Longest Game 1 in World Series history won by wrong team

It was a good game of baseball. That's as positive as I can be.

This Mets run scored on an Eric Hosmer error.
This Mets run scored on an Eric Hosmer error.
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

It took the Mets and Royals 14 innings to decide game 1 of the World Series last night. It was the longest opening game in WS history. A sac fly won it for the Bad Guys in the bottom of that aforementioned 14th.

• The US telecast went out, however, after a power outage knocked out the electricity that powered the FOX broadcast truck. Because of this, play was stopped for a short while... presumably so that watchers wouldn't miss anything, advertisers wouldn't lose any impressions and the managers wouldn't get robbed by bad umpiring.

• Raul Mondesi Jr has never played in a MLB game and yet he is on the Kansas City WS roster. It's the kind of outside-the-box move I like, but it's the Royals so... [redacted] it. If he plays in the series, he'll become the first player to ever make his MLB debut in the World Series. Here's the entire KC roster, if that is something you want to see. The Royals DFA'd Justin "Joba" Chamberlain to make room, even though he and the Royals deserved eachother.

Mondesi did not get into the ballgame, even though lots of players did. One of those players hit a ground ball that was a hit because it hit the third base bag. Guess what team that guy was on. Another of those players had a third strike wild pitch bounce right back to him. Guess what team he was on.

But people are catching on:

• The health of Mets OF Yoenis Cespedes was a big topic heading into the game, and it may have been a factor right away. Alcides Escobar hit a fly ball to YC that bounced off his knee for an inside-the-park home run.

Grantland brings you a list of the 15 biggest WPA swings in World Series history. You may want to avoid #7.

And we end with a Trevor Bauer video!