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Sandy Alomar is not going anywhere, signs deal to remain as Cleveland Indians base coach

News & notes for Tuesday, October 27, 2015.

Would YOU pass up the chance to watch Lindor play for three more years? I wouldn't.
Would YOU pass up the chance to watch Lindor play for three more years? I wouldn't.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

No baseball yesterday as the Kansas City Royals (ugh) and the New York Mets get set to square off in the World Series tonight, but the Cleveland Indians received some good news in regards to Sandy Alomar, and Torii Hunter announced his retirement (which is also good news for the Indians).

Tribe notes

Around the league

  • Twins fan favorite Hunter announces retirement | MLB
    Longtime Minnesota Twins outfielder Torri Hunter announced his retirement yesterday. He's such a swell guy, isn't he? How could anyone dislike--oh... right.

  • Former GM Ruben Amaro Jr.: Coaching for Red Sox satisfies 'itch' | ESPN
    Former Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. is making the jump from GM to prestigious Boston Red Sox first base coach. Former GMs as coaches is the new market inefficiency.

  • Source: Mattingly meeting with Marlins | MLB
    Nobody thought Don Mattingly would be jobless for long, and the former Los Angeles Dodgers skipper is reportedly meeting with the Marlins for their vacant manager position. Why anyone would willingly place themselves in the Marlines organization, I have no idea, but that is apparently a thing he wants to do.

  • Joe West will have to find a way to make the World Series all about him from the comfort of his own home as he and Angel Hernandez were both not selected to ump the fall classic. Join me in a collective, sarcastic, "oooh noooooooo."