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The back and forth on trading Carlos Santana continues

The debate goes on . . .

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Here's to a great week!

Talking about trading Carlos Santana (Pluto)

Terry Pluto goes long responding to an email about Tribe first baseman Carlos Santana.  The email is from a reader who questions why Pluto would be done with a productive hitter like Santana.  It's a well-written email and Pluto also does a good job of responding, making mention of plenty of Santana's strengths.  The writer finishes with some inside accounts on Santana and his situation with the club.

From Pluto:

A big issue with Santana is that he went from a player who often used the entire field for hits to a dead pull hitter. Often, it's killing him as he hits ground balls to the second baseman playing in right field. Teams load up the right side of the infield when he bats left handed, because he pulls the ball so often.

Tribe coaches worked with him on hitting the ball to center and left field (when batting lefty). He often did it well in batting practice. But in the game, adrenaline took over. His swing was long and hard, trying to pull most pitches. Pitchers see that he is anxious and they throw him off-speed stuff. The timing of his swing then becomes a mess.

Nonetheless, the Indians don't have anyone with his big league power right now on the roster. In fact, one comment during the Tribe's post-season meetings was that if the Indians didn't have Santana, they would be asking about him in a trade. The idea being to obtain a player with some power who is coming off a poor season -- but is not aging.

Indians feature some minor league speed (Indians In Depth)

The Tribe had three minor league players swipe 40+ bases this season, led by Greg Allen's 46 steals.

Johnny Cueto's declining free agent stock (Lampe)

Cueto's rough stretch with the Royals has cost him some cash.  The 29-year-old definitely won't be seeing Scherzer type money anymore.

Mets World Series tickets most expensive ever (Townsend)

The average asking price for seats at Citi Field for games 3, 4, and 5 is going for more than $1600.  I actually have a friend who has tickets to all three games and doesn't plan to sell any of them.  That's dedication!

Let's imagine it's October 2016 and the story is about the Indians and the high price of World Series tickets at the Prog.  Do you sell?  Or do you head to the ballpark and watch Corey Kluber, Justin Upton, and Bradley Zimmer help bring us home a world championship?