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Price has something to prove as Blue Jays fight to force Game 7

Plus more on the Cubs' delicious defeat, and discussion on what the Indians should do with "veteran slugger" Ryan Raburn.

Stop. Hammer time.
Stop. Hammer time.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The ALCS heads back to Kansas City tonight as the Blue Jays try to force a Game 7. Let's take a look at the buzz around Game 6 and everything else going on around MLB:

Today's baseball

ALCS Game 6 | Blue Jays @ Royals, 8:00 pm ET, Kaufman Stadium

Toronto's season is on the line, and they'll send ace David Price to the hill in the first ALCS game televised at a time that people can reasonably expect to be home from work.

Playoff news & notes

David Price concedes he has something to prove in Game 6 | CBS Sports - He's supposedly not mad about how he's been (idiotically) used by manager John Gibbons, but he *is* determined to win his the first game of his postseason career.

Visualizing the Mets' series dominance | Fangraphs - If you're anything like me, you can't get enough analysis about just how badly the Cubs got slaughtered in the NLCS. FG, as usual, provides one of the more colourful and graph-y analyses.

Let's talk about Daniel Murphy | Fangraphs - OK, let's really pile it on. Daniel Murphy morphed from one of the most average players in baseball to the Cubs' worst nightmare.

Are the Mets a truly tortured team? | Hardball Talk - Craig Calcaterra wonders if a team that has won "only" five pennants in the past 54 years is "tortured." Spoiler alert: hell no they aren't.

Indians news & notes

Indians have contract option for 2016 on veteran slugger | - You may have been confused by the misleading headline, because this article is about Ryan Raburn. The Indians have a $3 million team option on Raburn, that they must choose to exercise or pay him out at the rate of a cool $100,000. Though he may not be a world beater, Raburn did provide a solid veteran presence while sitting on the bench and not being used as a pinch hitter against LHP in September.

Lack of production led to end of overpaid veterans | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - Michael Bourn and Nick Swisher seem like distant memories at this point, but at one time, we expected them to be team leaders. What happened?

A visual look at the 2015 season, part 2 | - At a loss for things to write, posts 33 pictures taken over the course of second half of the season. OK, cynicism aside, it's a pretty cool slideshow.

Other MLB tidbits