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Cody Allen's last three years among best stretches by a reliever in Cleveland Indians history

It's not often the Indians have had a reliever who was both as busy and as good as Cody Allen has been during the last three years.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Cody Allen gave up four runs in two of his first five appearances of 2015, which led to some "The sky is falling!" reactions from certain Tribe fans. Wouldn't you know it, that turned out to be small sample noise, as Allen went on to allow more than one earned run in a game only once in his final 65 appearances of the season, putting in another excellent season for the Indians.

During the last three years Cody Allen has been tremendous. From 2013 through 2015 he posted a 2.49 ERA in 209.1 innings. No other American League reliever has an ERA that low in 200+ innings over the last three years.

How many relievers in franchise history have had a three-year stretch in which they worked over 200 innings while maintaining such a low ERA?

Lowest ERA for three-year stretch with 200+ relief innings for the Indians:

  1. Doug Jones (1988-1990): 2.39 ERA
  2. Jose Mesa (1995-1997) 2.47 ERA
  3. Cody Allen (2013-2015): 2.49 ERA
  4. Eric Plunk (1994-1996): 2.54 ERA
  5. Rafael Betancourt (2005-2007): 2.56 ERA
  6. Doug Jones (1987-1989): 2.61 ERA
  7. Don Mossi (1954-1956) 2.64 ERA
  8. Eric Plunk (1993-1995) 2.67 ERA
  9. Ray Narleski (1954-1956) 2.70 ERA
  10. Joe Heving (1942-1944): 2.76 ERA

If you want to adjust for era and ballparks, we can look at ERA+ instead...

Highest ERA+ for three-year stretch with 200+ relief innings for the Indians:

  1. Jose Mesa (1995-1997): 192 ERA+
  2. Eric Plunk (1994-1996):187 ERA+
  3. Eric Plunk (1993-1995): 172 ERA+
  4. Rafael Betancourt (2005-2007):172 ERA+
  5. Doug Jones (1988-1990): 168 ERA+
  6. Doug Jones (1987-1989): 162 ERA+
  7. Michael Jackson (1997-1999): 161 ERA+
  8. Jose Mesa (1994-1996): 160 ERA+
  9. Cody Allen (2013-2015): 160 ERA+
  10. Don Mossi (1954-1956): 150 ERA+

His company changes a bit, but Allen's last three years still rate among the very best stretches by a busy relief pitcher in franchise history.