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Brantley adds strong leadership role to impressive resume

His on-field play this year has helped keep the Indians in the hunt, but his new-found role as clubhouse leader is making an impact as well.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The season is drawing to a close as the Indians prepare to face the Red Sox in a series of no consequence. There's still some other interesting stuff going on in baseball, though, so let's have a look at that:

Yesterday's game: Twins 4, Indians 2

Trevor Bauer had a solid final outing, but his bullpen and defense failed him in the late innings.

Indians news & notes

Brantley becomes vocal presence for Tribe | - Injuries have taken their toll on Michael Brantley this season, but that hasn't stopped him from taking on a larger leadership role. Now one of the Tribe's grizzled veterans - this is seventh season with the team - Brantley has traded in respectful deference for confident yet quiet authority.

Brantley proving 2014 was no fluke | Did the Tribe Win Last Night? - Bookended by a back injury and a shoulder injury, Michael Brantley still managed to put up some fine numbers to prove that his breakout in 2014 wasn't a flash in the pan. His leadership may have been essential, but without his on-field play the Tribe may not even be sniffing .500.

Jose Ramirez's presence in the leadoff spot not a complete coincidence | - After the Twin's mouthy reaction to Jose's Wednesday post-homer bat flip, Terry Francona chose to bat Ramirez in the leadoff spot Thursday. Tito doesn't seem to be a follower of the Bud Norris School of Baseball Etiquette:

The one thing I really like about Jose is, he's kind of fearless out there. You could tell that when they walked Kip, he took that as a [slight]. And I love that. I just don't think it had to go past that. What he did was enough.

Tidbits from around MLB