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Guy who predicted the Cubs/Mets NLCS in 2013 predicts Cleveland Indians in 2016 World Series

Does this mean we are cursed again? Probably.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

A confirmed clairvoyant who goes by the handle @CorsiAndFenwick on Twitter recently predicted that the Indians would take part in the 2016 World Series. This prediction comes just days after his bold prediction of the Chicago Cubs and New York Mets meeting in the 2015 National League Championship Series came true. Unlike dozens of reporters and talking heads who made similar predictions before the season started or as the playoffs began, Nostradamus 2.0 predicted the 2015 NLCS two years ago.

(Check that date)

Once his two-year-old prediction came true and was brought to light on Twitter, SB Nation writer Mark Hinog asked him to predict a few other things, including the 2020 Stanley Cup Final. He also made the bold prediction that the "is Joe Flacco elite?" debate will one day end, bringing peace to our world and solving an international crisis.

The prediction we are most interested in is the one most relevant to baseball: The 2016 World Series will be a battle between the Cleveland Indians and the Pittsburgh Pirates. As someone who grew up an equal distance from Cleveland and Pittsburgh, I would personally love this matchup and would love nothing more than to simultaneously watch the Indians be happy while the Pirates are emotionally devastated.

There are a couple issues with his predictions, however:

  1. We’re screwed. The Indians are just now coming off a season obviously ji’xed by Sports Illustrated choosing them as the 2015 World Series winner. How do Tyler’s powers work in comparison to those of a sports magazine? If we can convince SI to pick the Indians again do the curses cancel out? Is there curse precedent here?
  2. He also said the Cleveland Browns would win a playoff game in the next decade, which makes me doubt his entire process.

The hopes and dreams of millions of Indians fans ride on your prediction, Tyler. No pressure.