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LCS matchups set as bat flip fallout continues

Also! The Indians played some awesome defense this season - which plays were the best?

Daniel Murphy disrespects the game
Daniel Murphy disrespects the game
Harry How/Getty Images

The LCS matchups are set, and the number of palatable rooting options has decreased greatly. As we root for the long-fabled Asteroid vs. F5 hurricane World Series, here's a bunch of stuff about baseball:

Yesterday's baseball

Mets 3, Dodgers 2 - Mets advance to NLCS

Daniel Murphy was essentially responsible for all three Mets runs. He smacked an RBI double in the 4th, then swiped third base when the Dodgers' shift left the bag vacant. That allowed him to score on a sac fly. Oh yeah, and he also crushed a solo shot off of Zack Greinke to put the Mets ahead for good. He's decent at baseball. The Mets advanced to face the Cubs in the most large market NLCS possible this year.

Today's baseball

ALCS Game 1: Blue Jays @ Royals, 7:30 pm ET, Kaufman Stadium, Fox Sports

Marco Estrada and Edinson Volquez take the hill for the Jays and Royals as the AL's two best teams kick off the best of seven series. LGBJ!

Playoff news & notes

Jose Bautista does not need to "calm that down" and "respect the game" | Hardball Talk - Craig Calcaterra takes on the nonsensical argument that Jose Bautista somehow disrespected the game when he flipped his bat like a bad mamma jamma after he demolished Sam Dyson's joke of a pitch and sent the Blue Jays to the ALCS. Calcaterra is at his righteously indignant best as he lambastes Dyson.

Don't like bat flips? Too bad. | CBS Sports - Sorry, Sam Dyson, even MLB is promoting bat flips through their social media. Somehow, the children of the world will survive. Besides, somebody already got a tattoo depicting the moment.

Indians news & notes

Indians top 10 defensive plays of 2015 | Burning River Baseball - The 2014 Indians may not have made ten total great plays, so t's easy to appreciate this fantastic collection of Tribe web gems. There's one dude who seems to pop up a lot - some Lindo guy? Never heard of him.

Don't forget about Brady Aiken | Wahoo's On First - The 2015 season saw the debut and flourishing of several rookies, but lost in the shuffle was top Tribe draft pick Brady Aiken, Clay Aiken's baby brother. Aiken is making a slow but steady recovery from Tommy John surgery, but could be a bargain ace-in-the-hole for the Tribe's future.

Where can the Indians find some offense? | - From Abraham Almonte's potential to rotation depth, Zack Meisel tackles five burning questions the Tribe has to confront during the offseason.