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Let's Go Tribe's 2015 prediction contest final standings (pitchers)

The pitchers category included an arm that netted all of LGT participants a total of one point.

Tip your cap to the Dzar, who was cruelly excluded from this year's contest.
Tip your cap to the Dzar, who was cruelly excluded from this year's contest.
Jason Miller/Getty Images

Before we dive into the pitcher predictions, don't forget you can catch all the original predictions. See the posts here!


This year's overall winner, totaling both the hitters and pitchers categories, will receive an architectural print of Jacobs Field from Ballpark Blue Prints!


The scoring system this year was based against results, not the field. This means that the closer you are to the actual prediction, the more points you can earn, so each person is able to win the maximum amount of points regardless of what other people predict. The scoring is tiered based on percentage change in the difference between the actual result and the prediction. The tiers are:

1% or less = 5 points
2.5% or less = 4 points
5% or less = 3 points
10% or less = 2 points
20% or less = 1 point

This means that the most points you can earn for each player is 30 points, and there is no limit to the amount of people who can earn points for each player.

Pitchers Leaderboard

ethorn and NCTRIB were holding the lead in the hitters category but no1ever made a hard charge to claim the pitchers category. Things seem to be just a bit more tightly bunched, maybe owing to the overall consistency of some of the pitchers, though, not all of them. As you'll notice, T.J. House's very odd year provided only a single solitary point for NCTRIB, who was 2nd among hitters but didn't fare as well with the arms. Again, Steamer beat out the rest of the projection systems, though the Fan polling did even better. LGT consensus came in just barely behind Steamer and ZiPS managed a pretty average showing. It is also worth noting that the Fans projections were not available for a few of the players, so that performance is really even better. Congrats, no1ever on taking the pitching section!


Overall Winner

But it is ethorn who hangs on for the victory! The hard charge by ihavnothing and PaulHoynes'Mustache, bristling his way to 2nd in the pitchers section, was only good enough for 3rd place, while ihavenothing's solid overall performance netted a 2nd place finish. Steamer did markedly better than the rest of the systems while ZiPS finished at the end of the pack, just behind the Fans rankings and a good clip behind Depth Charts. LGT consensus was able to beat me by a total of 6 points. Well played, LGT. Well played.

Congrats to ethorn! Jason will be in touch about your prize, payable either in a lump sum architectural drawing, or yearly distributions of 2"x2" sections. Take it all or accumulate it over a lifetime - entirely up to you!