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Francisco Lindor answered all the important questions in his Twitter Q&A

He is apparently fueled by cologne and pizza.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Francisco Lindor has kept busy since the Cleveland Indians regular season ended. The Rookie of the Year candidate spent yesterday guest hosting on Baseball Tonight and SportsCenter over at ESPN (while also playing some horseshoes), and now he is apparently hanging out at the offices.

As with most players that find themselves anywhere near MLB's social team, Lindor did a quick Twitter Q&A with some fans.

First off, the question that always pops up ever single time the Indians official Twitter does a Q&A during a rain delay: is a hot dog a sandwich. it should not even be a question, because obviously it's not and if you think it is you are wrong. Lindor quickly shot down any notion that he is pro-hot dog sandwich by being on the right side of history:

He also revealed his pregame routine, which seems pretty standard...

...his love for a certain cowl-sporting superhero...

...and his favorite pregame meal.

Seeing all the photos of him and fellow-rookie Giovanny Urshela throughout the season makes this answer not a surprise, but yes, his favorite playing to hang out with is Monstro.

A couple of my favorites include his lofty expectations for the Tribe this year, and the fact that he enjoys taking away a run more than scoring a run. Swoon.

Maybe he is just sucking up to his first base coach, but Lindor is (and always has been) a big Roberto Alomar fan. But then again, who isn't? Bonus Chris Archer sighting.

One of the more surprising answers is the fact that he sees Mike Aviles as the biggest role model on the Indians. Aviles' play on the field was a little more than disappointing in 2015, but it is good to know he has such an influence over the team's young players.

And finally, a question I am sure will be met with rational discussion and not at all cause any issues: His favorite thing about being on the Indians is Chief Wahoo, because they share a similar smile. Which, to be fair, they do.