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Tuesday News & Notes: Top Cleveland Indians pitching prospects impressing at instructs, Jason Kipnis needs food

And more Chase Utley hot takes.

Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

Yesterday was a slow news day Tribe-wise, but four baseball games happened with a whole lot of action.

Here are your news and notes for October 13, 2015.

Tribe news

Around the league

  • MLB's Joe Torre makes right call in suspending LA's Chase Utley for two games |'s Paul Hoynes took time off from musing about the Tribe and reading through the site's awful comments to talk about MLB suspending Chase Utley two games for breaking Ruben Tejada's legs.

  • Chase Utley turned down offer of one-game suspension from MLB | ESPN
    MLB was reportedly prepared to offer Utley a one-game suspension if he agreed not to fight it, but he refused and was given the two-game suspension instead (which he is appealing). This makes total sense to me from the MLB's perspective. If they believe that a two-game suspension is fair, but they knew Utley would appeal so he could play (because of course he would), then give him the option of taking one and be done with it to avoid the paperwork. 

    What I do not understand is how Major League Baseball was apparently too busy with... something... today to listen to his appeal so he got to play. Listen to the appeal, deny it, and suspend him already. Unless they are purposefully delaying it so he can play he rest of the NLDS, in which case that's dumb. 

  • The Blue Jays should not use David Price today | FanGraphs
    Dave Cameron over at FanGraphs made a series of strong points as to why the Blue Jays should avoid using David Price in relief in their game against the Texas Rangers. Then they went and did it anyway, with a 7-1 lead no less. Oy.

  • Did Governor Greg Abbott's office jinx Astros with premature tweet | Houston Chronicle
    Surely the Houston Astros won't blow a 6-2 lead in the 7th inning, right? At least that's what Texas Governor Greg Abbott thought when he tweeted out a congratulatory tweet to the Astros on their ALDS victory. Weeeeeeellll they lost, and then Abbott tweeted from his personal(?) Twitter account that everyone should unfollow the other Twitter account, even though both are verified. Okay then.