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Let's Go Tribe's 2015 prediction contest final standings (hitters)

Unlike last year, this year's crop of predictions was heavily affected by trades, to say nothing of the booms and busts.

Hey Tito, how many points did you earn in the 2015 LGT Preseason Prediction contest?
Hey Tito, how many points did you earn in the 2015 LGT Preseason Prediction contest?
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

What seems like ages ago, the Let's Go Tribe community reported for the annual gathering of optimists and pessimists as they attempted to predict the stat lines of the 2015 Cleveland Indians roster. They gave it everything they had, but how did they fare?

To revisit all of those predictions, see the threads here!


This year's overall winner, totaling both the hitters and pitchers categories, will receive an architectural print of Jacobs Field from Ballpark Blue Prints!


The scoring system this year was based against results, not the field. This means that the closer you are to the actual prediction, the more points you can earn, so each person is able to win the maximum amount of points regardless of what other people predict. The scoring is tiered based on percentage change in the difference between the actual result and the prediction. The tiers are:

1% or less = 5 points
2.5% or less = 4 points
5% or less = 3 points
10% or less = 2 points
20% or less = 1 point

This means that the most points you can earn for each player is 30 points, and there is no limit to the amount of people who can earn points for each player.

Current Leaderboard

With only the hitters tallied, this is still anybody's game. ethorn and NCTRIB lead the pack with 104 and 103 respectively, but there are still probably 10-12 within striking distance. As far as standings go, this looks much more like the AL playoff race versus the NL.

Also! Note that the LGT consensus average is in there along with the preseason projection systems in bold. Steamer is far and away the better between it and ZiPS, but Depth Charts is right in line with LGT (and my own!) predictions. 22 points behind Steamer and 42 behind our leader, ZiPS had a bad year with the Tribe. The only player it did well on was Michael Brantley, but not exceptionally well as it still saw him with a sub .800 OPS.

The highest single player point totals belonged to ethorn and bantrybay, both for Brantley. The preseason optimism for the good Doctor was well deserved.


Congrats to ethorn for winning the Hitters division and edging out NCTRIB. Let's see if you can hold the overall lead and win that print!