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Indians lose the game, their dignity after sloppy 9th inning collapse

Trevor Bauer pitched well in his last outing of the year, but the Indians couldn't overcome Twins starter Tyler Duffy or their own incompetence.

This'll give Tom Hamilton fuel for next season
This'll give Tom Hamilton fuel for next season
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Twins 4, Indians 2

box score

Indians fall to 78-80


Maybe it's just me, but I think I've had enough baseball for this year, at least Indians baseball. I don't know what it is exactly, but something about this season has just been draining. Looking back on the last 159 games, there are so few standout memories. Sure, Francisco Lindor has been incredible. Sure, a few starting pitchers staff have flirted with history. But I just can't think of many single moments that stand out. On the other hand, there were far more instances like tonight's late-inning belly flop than I can count. And now? On October 1st, I'm tired. I am actually looking forward to the offseason, and to the unbridled excitement that every new season brings. But before that hopeful longing can begin, I suppose I've got to cover what happened tonight.

Trevor Bauer did just what we all hoped tonight, throwing a solid seven innings despite striking out just three and walking three. Though Bauer departed the game with the Tribe down 1-0, Roberto Perez put him in line for the win with a two-run bomb in the bottom of the 7th inning. The Indians bullpen just couldn't hold it, and the game slipped away with little fanfare, much as the rest of the season has.

Bryan Shaw issued a one-out walk to Danny Santana in the 8th, and Santana came around to score on an Eduardo Escobar double. Bauer's potential with was downgraded to a no decision. In the 9th, things go worse. Trevor Plouffe reached on a one-out error when Jose Ramirez skidded a rushed throw in the dirt and Carlos Santana couldn't pick it. The next batter, Eddy Rosario, singled to RF but pinch runner Eduardo Nunez decided to test Lonnie Chisenhall's arm as he gunned for 3rd. Chisenhall's throw took two hops in the dirt, and a third hop off Nunez' head, trickling into foul territory and allowing Rosario to advance to 2nd. Just for funsies, Cody Allen uncorked a wild pitch to allow Nunez to score and Rosario to advance. Toriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Hunter rubbed salt in the wound by driving in Rosario with a sac fly to RF, and the Twins were sitting pretty up 4-2 heading into the bottom of the 9th.

But unlike so many other nights, the Indians made a heroic comeback. In the bottom of the 9th inning, Carlos Santana drew a leadoff walk after a hard-fought, 11-pitch at bat. Lonnie Chisenhall followed that with a rocket-shot single into RF. Abraham Almonte bunted his way on base, advancing both runners and loading the bases for Roberto Perez. On the heels of his 7th inning bomb, Roberto Perez worked a 3-2 count against Twins closer Carly Rae Jepsen. He fouled off a few pitches, and dug in his heels. On the ninth pitch of the at bat, Perez squared up and crushed a ball deep onto the LF homerun porch, and then the game was over in a flash. The Indians had worked their way back to .500, and salvaged some of their pride.

I apologize for what may seem like an overly negative recap, but it has been a trying season. This isn't how I wanted my last recap of the season to go, but then again this isn't how any of us wanted the season to go. Best we all pack it in and prepare for the long, cold offseason before the hope of spring blossoms. God knows the Indians already have.

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