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Can Scott Atchison's 2015 live up to his solid performance last year?

In 2014, Atchison turned in some of his best performances since his appearances against the White Sox in the 1919 World Series

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday, LGT nation. As we careen wildly through the doldrums of the offseason, wondering how cheap Dolan will continue to be, we turn to news & notes for solace. Here's what's up around MLB:

Indians news & notes

Scott Atchison: Indians elder statesman | Whaoo's On First - WOF continues their 2014 season in review, turning now to afterthought turned bullpen mainstay turned twitter joke subject of the year, Scott Atchison. There's some good stuff here and, of course, a few of teh aforementioned tweets included for good measure.

2015 season previews: Scott Atchison | Indians Baseball Insider- From reviews to previews, IBI continues their 2015 season preview capsule series, taking a look at Atchison's potential for the upcoming season. Age is (obviously) working against him, but does gramps have enough left in the tank to turn in another great season?

Francona prepared to distribute time at crowded spots | - Following up on Hoynes' missive about Terry Francona not wanting to "thin the heard," Bastian adds his take on the 1B/RF logjam. He also touches briefly on the Jason Kipnis injury and possible contingency plans for second base.

Why we go to WAR: the use of modern stats to evaluate talent | Burning River Baseball - Jospeph Coblitz gives a nice explanation of how and why he and the staff at BRB use a combination of SABR and "traditional" stats in their writing.

Paul Hoynes wrote weird words about his HOF ballot | Waiting for Next Year - In case you missed it, Paul Hoynes straight up lost his HOF ballot in the snow, which sparked a lengthy discussion in the comments of Wednesday's N&N. WFNY's Jacob Rosen has some additional critiques on our favorite beat writer's latest missive.

Tidbits from around MLB

  • Over at Sports On Earth, Anthony Castrovince wonders if the Astros could possibly shock the world by signing Max Scherzer
  • Ken Rosenthal reports that Jayson Werth will have shoulder surgery today and is expected to miss 2-3 months
  • CBS Sports wonders which current players are most likely to become HOFers upon retirement (warning: lots of cringeworthy ideas here)
  • Jim Bowden notes that talks between the Orioles and Colby Rasmus are gaining steam
  • Fangraphs explores whether or not the changeup is actually a good strikeout pitch
  • FG also adds their two cents on HOF voting, and I couldn't agree more with their take:
  • Any voter who looked at this year’s ballot and could not find 10 legitimate Hall of Famers really ought to have their privileges reviewed.