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Let's Go Tribe honors its most prolific commenters of 2014

It's a nice little corner of the internet we've got here...

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

One of the things someone else in the SB Nation family keeps track of is how many comments each member of each community makes at each site. I don't have access to the full list, but I do get sent a list of the people who commented most frequently over the course of the year.

Most posts:

  • Jason: 682
  • Ryan: 158
  • talonk: 152
  • Phil: 141
  • woodsmeister: 98

I'm not going to take the time to check the word count on those 682 posts I wrote, but I would guess the average is somewhere between 600-700, which means I probably wrote something like ~450,000 words, which is equivalent to something like a 1,000 page book. Yikes.

Most FanPosts:

  • keenej: 18
  • no1ever: 11
  • mainstreetfan: 9
  • YoDaddyWags: 5
  • Ryan: 5

Awesome work, fellas! no1ever, mainstreetfan, and Ryan were all also in the top five for 2013. I would love to see even more FanPosts in 2015, and if you guys have suggestions on how I can best encourage such a thing, feel free to share them.

Most comments:

  • USSChoo: 5581
  • Jason Lukehart: 5312
  • PyroKinesis: 5188
  • westbrook: 4797
  • JulioBernazard: 3305
  • Phil Kehres: 3068
  • Cols714: 2815
  • Vachos: 2516
  • Zaza Braggins: 2326
  • Ryan: 2197

Cody "USSChoo" Searl not only joined the front page staff in 2014, he commented his way to the top of the heap. In 2013 westbrook edged me out for the crown, which sort of means I'm on my way to becoming the Buffalo Bills of LGT commenting. Choo's 5,581 comments also edge out westbrook's winning total 5,486. Choo's total pales in comparison to the commenter at Amazin' Avenue (our New York Mets cousin) who made 47,039 comments there last year, an average of 129 a day.

Thank you to all of our readers, whether their name appeared on one of these lists or not. I know that for some of you the comments are more important than the posts themselves, because it's rare on the internet to find such an enjoyable community to interact with and be a part of. Cheers!