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Progressive Field named most family-friendly ballpark in MLB

Cleveland… the kids will love it.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Tribe items

ABC Travel Guides for Kids has named Cleveland as the top travel destination for kids in 2015 (as mentioned by Jordan Bastian). "Progressive Field might be the most family-friendly ballpark in the country." Since locals seem to prefer spending their money on the Browns and Cavs, perhaps an influx of tourists can solve the Tribe's attendance woes.

Bastian answers questions from readers, many having to do with Gavin Floyd. Bastian also weighs in on who might have a breakout season in 2015, choosing Trevor Bauer.

The Hall of Fame

Joe Posnanski weighs in with his ballot, and commentary on how stacked the ballot has become. Joe remains one of the best in the business.

Buster Olney, who has opted not to submit a ballot this year, writes about his growing disappointment and frustration with the Hall of Fame. (Insider only)

Around MLB

The Phillies have signed Aaron Harang to a 1-year, $5 million deal, because someone has to start games for even the teams that don't plan to content.

The Braves and Cobb County are running a scam of sorts on voters in the Atlanta suburban area. Braves fan and former lawyer Craig Calcaterra takes a look.

Jeff Sullivan at FanGraphs takes a look at which pitchers allowed the lowest and highest contact rate in various ball/strike counts.

ZiPS projections for the hated Detroit Tigers are out. If they don't bring Scherzer back or add another piece, they seem likely to begin the season as only slight favorites.

A general recommendation

I've linked to Cardboard Gods a couple times before, but not for a while. Yesterday I realized that busy with other things, I hadn't been there for months, meaning I had a backlog of posts to read, which made for an enjoyable evening. Josh Wilker is a tremendous writer, and his work can be enjoyed whether you're a baseball fan or not, and whether you ever collected baseball cards or not. If you are a fan and you did collect though, you're likely to enjoy it all the more.