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Indians hoping for more Cooperstown representation in future years

There haven't been any worthy Tribesmen lately, but Thome and Vizquel could change that in 2018

Eric P. Mull-USA TODAY Sports

I'm headed back to work after 11 glorious days off for the holidays. With that return comes all the typical post-holiday depression, crankiness, and an extra few pounds of flab. But hell, it's a new year and it's almost time for baseball. Right? No? Well, close enough. Here's what going on around the league:

Indians news & notes

Cleveland lacking Cooperstown candidates | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - Bob Toth notes that recent years of Hall of Fame ballots have been very light on Indians candidates. Kenny Lofton had the best shot but, much to Jason's chagrin, was eliminated from consideration after just one year on the ballot. It won't be until 2018 that the Tribe will have some legitimate candidates, according to Toth.

The HoF case for Kenny Lofton | Burning River Baseball - Speaking of Kenny Lofton, BRB makes an impassioned case for why Kenny should have been elected.

2015 preview: Cody Allen | Indians Baseball Insider - IBI is running a series of articles previewing every Tribe player on the 40-man roster. Cody Allen is the latest addition.

The ultimate Indians draft: reviewing the GMs | Indians Baseball Insider - IBI re-posts its article from last January in light of Hank Peters' passing, wherein they break down the contributions of each Indians GM.

Indians fans owe a thank you to Hank Peters | - Terry Pluto memorializes Hank Peters, discussing his legacy and recounting the first time they met back in 1979.

Peters built career on being the calm in the storm | - Not technically Indians news, but's Tracy Ringolsby contributes a career retrospective on Peters after his passing.

Tidbits from around MLB