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Relying on bouncebacks could spell trouble for Tribe

Can we bet on Bourn bouncing around the basepaths again?

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Here we go, it's Friday, let's do this! Are you ready?! 3-2-1 - NEWS & NOTES!!!!!

Indians news & notes

Is Bourn ready for a bounceback? | Wahoo's On First - There are three obvious stages within every offseason: hot stove season, assessing the winners and losers of hot stove season, and "X is in the best shape of his life!" Recently, I've seen the emergence of a fourth stage: "X is ready to bounceback after a bad year!" Today's candidate? Michael Bourn. Is he as old and disappointing as we all hope he isn't? WoF sees a glimmer of hope.

Hey Hoynsie! Is the Tribe relying too much on bouncebacks? | - Paul Hoynes is a man's man. He responds to questions. Often badly, sometimes mediocre-ly. But on some rare occasions, he surprises us all. Like when he breaks out the Bill James Handbook to shut down a Clecommer whining about the FO not doing enough during the offseason. In fact, this edition of HH is single-handedly responsible for the severe overcrowding at burn centers around Cleveland. Hoynsies busts out perhaps the greatest line of his career, in response to someone whining about the Prog renovations:

As for what remedy fans have if they don't like the renovations, well, they could always not come to the ballpark. Oh, wait, they've been doing that for the last two years.

I'm starting to become a fan of Paul Hoynes. And I mean all of him, not just his mustache.

Frazier makes top 10 list | - First it was Francisco Lindor showing up at #2 on MLB Pipeline's list of top prospects, now it's Clint Frazier's turn. Frazier just makes the list of top 10 outfielders. The hype train keeps on a rollin.

Tidbits from around MLB

Keith Law's top 100 prospects | ESPN (insider content) - You'll have to be an ESPN Insider (tm) to see the full list, but I think you guys might like who comes in at #6.

Make relievers face more than one batter | Fox Sports - Ken Rosenthal has a radical proposal for speeding up the game while also creating more offense: no more LOOGies and ROOGies. I don't know how I feel about this, but I want to say it's somewhere lower on the stupid scale than eliminating shifts, but probably higher than pitch clocks.

Top free agents for 2016 | Sports On Earth - We're not even through the 2015 offseason yet, but it's never too early to start talking about next year. David Price leads the pack, but there are some big names on the list. Hard to see any of these guys ending up in Cleveland, but it's shaping up to be an exciting offseason.

Twitter musings

That's what you get for being a dummy:

And really, that's all I've got.