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Francisco Mejia rated by you as Indians' #5 prospect. Vote here for #6

You selected a very young (but very talented) catcher as the system's #5 prospect.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Let's Go Tribe is putting together its own ranking of the top Indians prospects. Here are the previous entries in the series:

#1: Francisco Lindor

#2: Clint Frazier

#3: Bradley Zimmer

#4: Giovanny Urshela

In this round of voting you chose Francisco Mejia by 15 percentage points over Tyler Naquin:

  • OF Tyler Naquin 25%
  • LHP Justus Sheffield 8%
  • C Francisco Mejia 40%
  • OF James Ramsey 12%
  • 1B Bobby Bradley 16%
After signing Mejia in 2012, the Indians took the rare step of sending him straight to the US without any time in the Dominican Summer League. Usually Latin American free agents (signed at 16-18 years old) spends at least one season in the DSL before heading to the US, but the Indians thought him ready to play in the Arizona League at age (17) when most US prospects would in their junior year of high school. Even more impressive is that they thought him ready as a catcher, a position that requires a player to manage not only himself but also that day's pitcher. Mejia responded as well as could be expected, hitting .305/.348/524 and getting raves on his throwing arm.

For his second pro season, Mejia headed to Mahoning Valley, where he would face a new series of challenges. The New York-Penn League is a Short-Season A league, meaning that it would be filled mostly with advanced college players that had been selected in that year's draft. He passed this test as well, hitting .282/.339/407 as an 18-year-old facing pitchers 3 years older than him.

Although scouts like all of Mejia's defensive tools, one aspect of his game has been consistently praised: his arm. Again, he's only two seasons into his pro career, so there's quite a bit for him yet to learn, but the tools are all there. At the plate, the switch-hitting Mejia is a line-drive hitter with the potential to hit for more power as he grows older.

Mejia will very likely start 2015 as Lake County's starting catcher. His position will likely necessitate a longer development time than an outfielder, for instance, but that he's held his own as an 18-year-old is reason to be excited about his future.

Who do you think is the #6 prospect in the Indians system? Remember to let us know in the comments which players you think should be joining the voting soon.