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What can the Indians do to maximize the Cleveland feel of Progressive Field?

You guys are going to have to do the groundwork on this one...

David Maxwell/Getty Images

One of the major goals of the many changes Progressive Field is undergoing this offseason is to bring more of what makes Cleveland Cleveland into the ballpark. To some extent, that sort of thing was already going on, with locally brewed beers available there, beers that wouldn't be found at any other MLB stadium. Yesterday the Indians announced that three local eateries will now have stands in the new Right Field District portion of the stadium: Melt, Barrio, and Sweet Moses. This news was met with enthusiasm by many LGT readers. has a few more details on each of those three places, if you're interested.

Melt is the only one of the trio I've eaten at myself, because I'm not a Clevelander. I feel plenty qualified to write about and discuss the Indians, but my knowledge of the city and surrounding area pales in comparison to what many of you know.

So, when I found myself thinking about what else the Indians could do with Progressive Field to try and up the Cleveland factor, I was largely at a loss.

So, you tell me, how else can ownership make the stadium really feel like a representative of the area? Food, drink, music, design features, murals, the pattern of the outfield grass... Feel free to re-imagine any feature of Progressive Field, and give it what you think would be an appropriate Cleveland spin.

I look forward to your ideas!