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Zach McAllister could be 2015's Wade Davis

2015 might be the year to get Attached to the bullpen

Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Well, I've decided to give this Twitter thing another solid go. I've got a brand spanking new Twitter handle strictly for LGT stuff. I'm not really sure how I'm going to use it at this point, or if I'm going to be an active tweeter, but I'm hoping to stay a little bit more up to speed with breaking MLB news. I welcome any and all tips. In that vein, I'm gonna sprinkle more embedded tweets into my posts and beg you all to follow me until you get tired of hearing it. Anyway, on with the news:

Indians news & notes

A sign of relief for The Attach | Indians Baseball Insider - After the transformation of Wade Davis from floundering starter to dominant reliever, IBI wonders whether a similar renaissance could be in store for Zach McAllister. The stats, SSS noted, show that there might be something there. More importantly, though, is his change in approach. The bullpen seems to have done wonders for teammate Carlos Carrasco, so here's hoping.

Catching up with Doug Jones | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - Wade Davis is just the latest example, but Doug Jones may be the patron saint of mediocre starters converted into dominant relievers. DTTWLN sits down for a chat with perhaps the best Indians closer of all time.

Is Walters the solution to platoon woes? | Wahoo's On First - Mike Aviles and Ryan Raburn aren't cutting it when it comes to right-handed power against southpaws. In a lineup dominated by lefties, a platoon role could allow Zach Walters to flourish and provide some pop off the bench for the Tribe.

Indians reveal plans for new concessions | - Of all the not-really-baseball things related to baseball that have happened this offseason, this excites me most. The renovated right field area of Progressive Field, dubbed the Right Field District, will host three unique local eateries: Melt, Barrio, and Sweet Moses. Everyone knows Melt, but for those of you unfamiliar with the other two, I urge you to do some research. Regardless of your personal tastes, it's great to see a committment to more local selections at The Prog.

Terry Francona and OSU's Urban Meyer: kindred spirits? | - Bill Livingston draws some tenuous connections between two coaches and their respective teams, which seemingly have nothing in common. Different sports completely, one amateur and one pro. I mean, I don't really know what to say about this article. I'm linking mostly because I find it an incredibly odd thought exercise.

Tidbits from around MLB

Bud Selig: greatest MLB commissioner ever | Hardball Talk - As new commish Rob Manfred prepares to take over, Craig Calcaterra makes his (completely earnest) case for good ol' Bud as the best ever, at least in terms of the profitability of the sport.

CF Heredia leaves Cuba | Baseball America - The latest in a string of high profile "defections," Guillermo Heredia, who was the starting CF for the Cuban WBC team, has left Cuba in search of an MLB contract.

Finding a place for Shields | Fangraphs - James Shieldsmay not be a marquee free agent, but he's a good bet to improve nearly any team that signs him. For some, tough, he'd be more than just a marginal upgrade. Oddly, the Indians would barely improve at all, according to FG.

Has the Tigers' window started to close? | Indians Baseball Insider - Max Scherzer is gone, Justin Verlander sucks, Victor Martinez is getting old, and Miguel Cabrera, well, I won't beat that dead horse. Is 2015 the year the collapse we've all been predicting finally starts to happen?

The Scott Boras effect in DC | Sports On Earth - With the Scherzer signing, the Nats now have the most Boras-represented players in MLB with seven. The Rangers have the most money tied up in Boras clients, though. Shudder.

Around the MLB Twitterverse

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