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Indians defense needs to improve, probably will

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland News

Francona aiming to shore up Tribe's defense | -- A classic offseason article. We totally have a plan to fix the defense -- practice!

Cleveland Indians know they must improve defense to contend in 2015 | -- Pluto also takes his swing at the defense pinata. I am pretty confident the defense will be fine, only because when something relatively random gets chatted about this much, it seems to guarantee it won't matter going forward.

Indians' plan is to have healthy Swisher, Moss | -- A collection of notes: Bourn is hanging out with a track coach, Gavin Floyd could be the number 2, and more.

Kipnis on road to finger recovery | -- Bastian gives us a small update on Kipnis and...everything's fine? We hear again that Kipnis' 2014 performance was depressed by injuries. Maybe. Do you buy it?

Quiet Indians have pieces to make noise in the AL Central | -- Old friend Castrovince gives a long take on the 2014 Tribe. He outlines the questions everyone is asking, leading off with: is that bullpen going to hold up?

And The Rest

Explaining Miguel Cabrera's Home Run Decline | -- Are there signs Cabrera is declining as a hitter? We can only hope, I guess.

Amaro: Nothing imminent with Hamels | -- Hmm. This is probably worth keeping an eye on.