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Friday News: Tribe looks to ride strong rotation to contention in 2015

What's better than "year in review" articles? How about some "year in preview" articles!

The sad, unrealized past and the bright, unlimited future
The sad, unrealized past and the bright, unlimited future
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to that annoying Friday after a holiday where everyone has to come back to work for one day before the weekend. Also, Happy New Year! There's hardly anything happening around baseball, but here's a quick peak at some MLB tidbits:

Indians news & notes

Tribe should contend in 2015 on strength of rotation | - Bastian attempts to answer ten questions about the Indians as they head into the 2015 season. Despite a stronger division, he thinks the rotation might be strong enough to lead us into contention.

Everything is awesome: 2014 year in review | Indians Baseball Insider - Using the themesong from the Lego movie as a template, IBI looks back on the most awesome things that happened in Tribe baseball in 2014.

2015: A year for Tribe patience | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - Laurel Wilder's New Year's resolution is to have patience with the Tribe during the 2015 season. Patience with the defense, patience withe the wait for Francisco Lindor, and a handful of other things.

IPL's top ten moments from 2015 | It's Pronounced 'Lajaway' - Pretty much exactly what the headline says here.

Tidbits from around MLB

  • Sports On Earth ponders whether hometown discounts are a thing of the past in MLB
  • SOE also presents a list of affirmations for 2015 for fans of each team. Here's what they have to say about the Tribe:

Indians: Don't miss a Corey Kluber start. He's not just a great pitcher. He's a guy who arrived and worked relentlessly to get better and better. Now he's on the short list of the best pitchers on the planet.