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Max Scherzer signs 7-year deal with Nationals

Yeah, yeah, this is technically Indians news & notes, but this is the biggest FA signing this offseason

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday folks. I assume you all spent Sunday reading MLB news and brushing up on you WAR calculations, since there were no other sporting events going on. In case you were pre-occupied with something else, here's a recap of of was a very quiet Sunday until very late:

Max Scherzer signs with Nationals

Possibly the biggest name on the free agent market this offseason, Max Scherzer has a new home:

Just a couple thoughts on this, in no apparent order:

  • Woohoo, we don't have to face him 4+ times this year (also! suck it, Detroit)
  • Holy cow, seven years is a lot to give a pitcher
  • I'm actually kind of surprised it wasn't for more money
  • The Nats are going to be really, really good for the next few years

Obviously, there's going to be a lot more analysis on this in the upcoming days, but suffice to say this is some of the biggest news of the offseason. Fangraphs has some initial thoughts already - they think the Nationals are building a super team, and it's hard to argue with that.

Indians news & notes

Free agent departures not hurting Tribe | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - The Indians are returning nearly the same team that took the field in 2014. No regular players have left, which leaves our Tribe in arguably a better position than much of the direct competition. Sorry, Jason Giambi :-(

Bill James projects the 2015 Indians | Burning River Baseball - It's not exactly news, but Kevin Gall takes a look at the projections from the latest edition of the Bill James Handbook, which include good/great news for Kipnisses and Brohioans everywhere. Very interesting to see that a beautiful mind like James thinks Nick Swisher has some gas left in the tank. I'm still skeptical, but I'm also much, much dumber than Bill James. Alarmingly, though, Bill isn't too high on the Tribe rotation.

Frazier flip flops on leg kick | Fangraphs - Part of FG's Sunday notes column, Clint Frazier discusses the leg kick that helped him break out of his slump in 2014 - first by adopting it, then by dropping it.

Santana making a comeback attempt; Tribe interested | Indians Baseball Insider - This is news to me on several fronts. Apparently, Johan Santana is trying to make a comeback and has been working out for scouts in Venezuela. Also, it appears some of those scouts are from the Indians. It's an interesting possibility, but take it with a grain of salt.

Which Indians players might be abducted by aliens? | Wahoo's On First - Yeah. So it's a pretty slow news day, but this is a pretty funny read anyway.

Other tidbits from around MLB

How to sustain winning in baseball | Sports On Earth - What if it wasn't a choice between building for the future and going "all in" to win now? Increasingly, that's the case. The expansion of the playoff field with the addition of th esecond wild card is one of the biggest reasons why that's possible.

Rangers about to acquire Gallardo | Twitter (Ken Rosenthal) - Yovani Gallardo may be leaving for more Texan pastures.