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Indians' Opening Day game will be shown on ESPN

Score one for the Tribe fans who don't live near Cleveland or have MLB.TV.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN has announced its broadcast schedule for Opening Day, along with the first few weeks' worth of Sunday Night Baseball coverage.

Opening Day this year is Monday, April 6 (in baseball's continued attempt to always have the season start just as I return to work from my spring break week, rather than letting me have that first week of the season off, so that I can get to an Opening Day game for once). Here's the ESPN broadcast schedule that day (all times Eastern):

  • 1:00 - Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees
  • 4:00 - New York Mets at Washington Nationals
  • 7:00 - Cleveland Indians at Houston Astros
  • 10:00 - San Francisco Giants at Arizona Diamondbacks

I'm happy to know it's an evening game, allowing me to get home and watch it. Corey Kluber is coming to get you, Houston! [insert "Apollo 13" joke here]

Here are the first few Sunday night games:

  • April 5: St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs
  • April 12: Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees
  • April 19: Cincinnati Reds at St. Louis Cardinals
  • April 26: New York Mets at New York Yankees
  • May 3: New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox

It comes as no surprise to see the Yankees in three of the first five games of the season. Nor is it surprising that they're playing Boston in two of those games. ESPN is running a business, which means they want viewers. There are a lot of horrible people (and a few really lovely ones) who follow those teams.

The schedule for later in the season will be released after the season is underway. If the Indians want more national TV games, they should get off to a good start and grab some national attention.