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Which of your favorite teams is really your favorite team?

Which teams really mean the most to you, and by how much?

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As most fo you already know, Monday night the Ohio State Buckeyes won the National Championship for Division I college football. With OSU being the largest university in the state, a fair number of Indians fans are also Buckeyes fans. If you love the Indians but don't care about (or even dislike) Ohio State, this weeks' result does nothing to ease the pain of the Indians not having won a World Series since 1948. If you're a fan of both teams though, your life as a sports fan just got a lot less tortured. In fact, given the high amount of success OSU football has enjoyed over the years, one might argue that an Indians/Buckeyes fan isn't really tortured at all. Ultimately, how tortured you are comes down to how much you care about each team, relative to the other, and relative to the other teams you like.

Something my friends and I used to enjoy doing was taking 100 points and assigning them to a variety of different things in the same category, to show how excited we were about each of those things. For example, I might consider the biggest movies that are scheduled to come out in 2015:

  • Cinderella
  • Fast and Furious 7
  • The Avengers 2
  • Inside Out (Pixar)
  • Jurassic World
  • Minions
  • Ant-Man
  • Spectre (James Bond)
  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay 2
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I don't intend to see Cinderella, Fast and Furious 7, or Minions, so those are each getting 0 points. Of the other seven, Star Wars is certainly what I'm most excited about. Given the choice between seeing that, but none of the other six, or seeing all of the other six, but not Star Wars, I'd choose Star Wars, which means it should get more points than the other six put together. Thus, my points might look like:

  • Star Wars: 60
  • Jurassic World: 12
  • Inside Out: 12
  • James Bond: 6
  • The Avengers: 5
  • Ant-Man: 3
  • The Hunger Games: 2

Star Wars means a lot more to me than any of the others. If I were to focus only on the summer releases, then my list would look something like:

  • Jurassic World: 38
  • Inside Out: 37
  • The Avengers: 16
  • Ant-Man: 9

Either way, whatever all I've chosen to include add up to 100 points.

...Alright, now back to sports:

Think about all the teams you cheer for, in all the sports you follow. If you're an Ohio State fan, you need to consider that OSU football is a different thing than OSU basketball or OSU gymnastics. If you're a big tennis fan, you might consider Serena Williams to be your "team."

Now, if you've got 100 points to divide among them, based on how much you care about that team, and/or how much their success matters to you, how would you divide them up?

When I was younger, I would have had a lot more teams on my list, as I cared about more sports, and followed football and basketball on both the pro and collegiate levels. My largest allotments of points would have been pretty close together between the Indians and at least a couple other teams. As I've gotten older though, I find myself with less time for sports, and some of them have fallen off the map for me, or close to it. The Indians now control a vast majority of my point, which is to say I spend far more time thinking about them than any other team, and them winning a World Series would mean far, far more to me than any other team winning their respective championship.

My points:

  • Cleveland Indians: 80
  • Chicago Bulls: 12
  • Iowa football: 3
  • Iowa basketball: 2
  • Liverpool Football Club: 2
  • The enemy of my enemy: 1

How would you divide your 100 points?