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Indians prospect Justus Sheffield arrested and charged with burglary

I anticipate a verdict of "Boys will be boys."

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Justus Sheffield, arguably the Indians' top pitching prospect, was arrested on Monday in his hometown of Tullahoma, Tennessee and charged with aggravated burglary and underage drinking.

From the report, it seems Sheffield went in the middle of the night to confront another guy about something having to do with Sheffield's girlfriend. As Sheffield put it when talking with the police, he was there to "discuss some issues with Brody Thomasson." When no one answered his repeated knocks on the door, he found another way inside, then found the guy he was looking for and began threatening him. Sheffield (18 years old) apparently admitted to having "a few drinks" beforehand.

None of this really seems very serious to me. I wouldn't call it a mark of maturity or anything, but many (probably most) Americans drink before reaching the legal age, and confrontations between guys about girlfriends have probably existed since about five minites after the girlfriend was invented. I mean, who hasn't wanted to discuss some issues with Brody Thomasson?

Sheffield is scheduled to appear in court on February 5th.