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Let's Go Tribe takes on the top Indians prospects

Who's #1?

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

January is something of a baseball wasteland. Most of the big transactions that will happen this offseason have already happened (though there are still some good players available), but pitchers and catcher are still weeks away from reporting. It feels like a good time to look ahead, and in baseball there's no grander version of looking ahead than looking at prospects. In addition to keeping you up to date on lists from outlets such as Baseball American, Baseball Prospectus, and FanGraphs, we also wanted to create our own list. Rather than two or three of us ranking them all though, we want input from you. Yes you.

At least a couple times a week over the next few weeks we're going to give you the chance to vote on which prospect deserves the next spot on the list. This introductory post will have a poll on who ought to be #1. (It probably won't be on the same level as Bush/Gore in terms of voting drama, but beyond the top spot there should be lively debate over each place.) The next entry in the series will include a brief write up on whoever wins the #1 spot, and will then have a poll for who should be #2. Then that guy will get his writeup, which will include voting for #3, etc.

Should a player who's closer to reaching MLB be given more credit than a player who might have a higher ceiling but is more than a year or two away? It's up to you. Vote based on whatever criteria you think is most important. If there's a player you think should be coming up soon and you don't see his name among the options in the poll, make mention of it in the comments. The nominating committee is open to suggestions.

Alright. Let's begin...