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Indians 2015 schedule released by MLB

Good news: The Indians won't be starting their season at 10:00 PM next season!


Major League Baseball has released the schedule for the 2015 regular season. It seems a little odd to me that they do this before the current season has even ended, but I suppose people like to plan ahead.

You can find the full schedule at, but I'll highlight a few things about it...

  • Opening Day comes late next season, on Monday, April 6. The Indians will be in Houston (Central time, so even if it's a night game, it'll start by 8:00 ET). They'll then have Tuesday off, before playing again on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • The home opener will be on Friday, April 10, and it'll be against Detroit, so it will be an even more in-demand ticket than usual.
  • The Indians have four days off during the first three weeks of the season, and after that series in Houston, they play only other AL Central teams for the next three weeks. Those two factors should help prevent the need for many screwy makeup games.
  • The Indians are in Chicago from April 20-22, May 19-21, and September 7-9. Those are all weekdays, and they are all during the school year. Thanks for making it hard for me to get to many games, MLB! (they never think of me)
  • In addition to 3 games against the Reds in Cleveland (May 22-24) and 3 more in Cincinnati (July 17-19), the Tribe's other interleague games are: 3 at home vs. St. Louis (May 12-14), 2 against the Cubs in Chicago (June 15-16... hey, those are during my summer break... maybe MLB did think of me!) and 2 more against them in Cleveland (June 17-18), 3 at Pittsburgh (July 3-5... and they have a beautiful ballpark, so you should head there if you can), and 2 at home against Milwaukee (August 25-26).
  • The longest road trips of the season are from April 17-26 (3 @ Minnesota, 3 @ Chicago, 3 @ Detroit), June 26-July 5 (3 @ Baltimore, 4 @ Tampa Bay, 3 @ Pittsburgh),August 14-23 (3 @ Minnesota, 3 @ Boston, 4 @ New York), and August 31- September 9 (3 @ Toronto, 3 @ Detroit, 3 @ Chicago).
  • 14 of the final 20 games of the season are at home. If the Indians are in contention, that would be big for attendance. On the other hand, if the team is out of it, Progressive Field could be a ghost town, between the hangover from the Cavs winning their first NBA championship and the Browns getting ready to defend their AFC North title. (this is the year, right?)

Are there dates or series that are jumping out at you? The Indians have far less travel than the average team, with their interleague road trips limiting to Chicago, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh, the three NL cities closest to Cleveland. That also means Tribe fans in cities out west who've been waiting for the Tribe to come to town will have to keep waiting.

Finally, while the system is different now, until recently (and for 25 years) a husband and wife put together the entire MLB schedule. Here is a brief documentary on them, if you're interested...