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Indians crushed by Angels as Danny Salazar struggles

The Angels are pretty... pretty... pretty good.

Jason Miller

Game 142: Angels 12, Indians 3

Box Score

Tribe falls to 74-68

In Danny Salazar's last start he pitched his first career complete game and his first career shutout. Whether the 118 pitches he threw that night for a few too many, or there's often just very little correlation between one appearance and the next, after starting off strong again today, the wheels came off his wagon in a big way in the 5th inning, ending a streak of 21 consecutive scoreless innings for Salazar.

A pair of singles led of the inning for the Angels. A ground out plated the game's first run, and then Kole Calhoun hit a two-run homer just over the right-field wall. Salazar then struck out Mike Trout, and was positioned to get out of the inning with a workable three runs have scored, but another pair of singles brought David Freese to the plate, and he hit a three-run homer to left-center. (That one cleared the wall with a bit more room to spare.) Salazar's day was done at that point, with 4.2 innings in the book and 6 runs on 8 hits (2 of them home runs) and 2 walks against his name.

Lonnie Chisenhall did his best to get the Tribe back in the game, hitting a two-run home run in the bottom of that inning, and then singling in Carlos Santana (who reached base with a bunt to beat the shift) in the 6th, making it a 6-3 game. The Angels added another pair of runs in the 7th, ending any real chance at a comeback. The for good measure, Albert Pujols and Howie Kendrick each homered in the 9th, making it a 12-3 game.

Two random notes:

  • Michael Brantley singled to extend his hitting streak to 12 games, the sixth such streak of his career, and second this season.
  • The Indians used five relievers, giving them a total of 509 relief appearances on the season, which already ranks 5th in AL history. They are on pace for 580 relief appearances, which would break the AL record, and rank second in MLB history to the 2007 Nationals, who had 588.

For the last month, the Indians have needed to win 2 of 3 to have a real shot at the playoffs, and that's just what they've done. This loss doesn't finish them or anything, but they'd be wise to sweep Minnesota during the next three days, and taking the series is a must. Corey Kluber recovered from his worst start of the season to pitch one of his best games. Hopefully Salazar takes the mound in five days and recovers just as well from that one brutal inning this afternoon.

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