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Carlos Carrasco and Danny Salazar were both great for the Indians last week

A pair of hitters, a pair of pitchers...

Jason Miller

It's time for our weekly look at the Indians' top players of the last seven days, in which one man is chosen as better than the rest. Be sure to vote for you choice in the poll included at the bottom.

Previous winners:

  • March 31-April 6: L.Chisenhall
  • April 7-13: D.Murphy
  • April 14-20: M.Brantley
  • April 21-27: C.Kluber
  • April 28-May 4: C.Santana
  • May 5-11: M.Brantley (editorial pick), J.Tomlin (reader vote)
  • May 12-18: D.Murphy
  • May 19-25: L.Chisenhall (editorial pick), C.Kluber (reader vote)
  • May 26-June 1: T.House (editorial pick), C.Kluber (reader vote)
  • June 2-8: J.Masterson (editorial pick), L.Chisenhall (reader vote)
  • June 9-15: M.Brantley
  • June 16-22: C.Santana
  • June 23-29: J.Tomlin
  • June 30-July 6: C.Kluber
  • July 7-13: T.Bauer
  • July 14-20: J.Kipnis
  • July 21-27: C.Santana
  • July 28-August 3: C.Kluber
  • August 4-10: C.Kluber
  • August 11-17: C.Carrasco
  • August 18-24: J.Ramirez
  • August 25-31: L.Chisenhall
  • September 1-7: C.Carrasco
  • The Candidates

    The two hitters included below are the team's two best, and have been all year aside from a few weeks early on. The two pitchers included below both began the year in the rotation, but pitched so badly they were moved out of it for months, before rejoining it a few weeks ago. They've both been great, especially last week. There can only be one winner though.

    Michael Brantley

    Brantley hit .444/.500/.519 in 30 plate appearances last week, good for a wRC+ of 192. He collected at least 1 hit in all seven games, including 3 in Saturday's win over the White Sox and a pair of doubles on Thursday against Detroit. He scored 4 runs and drove in 4 more.

    Carlos Carrasco

    Carrasco lasted only 5.1 innings on Tuesday and gave up 10 hits, but he struck out 10, walked only 1, and allowed only 1 run. One could argue he was playing with fire, what with all those hits, but it was a good game. Sunday he didn't bother with working around base runners, allowing only 4 of them in 8.2 innings, while striking out 8 and coming one out short of his first complete game and shutout.

    Danny Salazar

    Salazar pitched only one game last week, but he got his money's worth, throwing the first complete game and first shutout of his career on Wednesday's win over Detroit, with 9 strikeouts and 0 walks, easily the best game of the season for Salazar. (and of his career too)

    Carlos Santana

    Santana hit .208/.367/.625 in 30 plate appearances last week, good for a wRC+ of 172. He led the team with 6 walks, and the 3 home runs he hit not only led the team, they were the only ones anyone on the team hit all week. He scored 4 runs and drove in 8, and he had a positive WPA in all seven games.

    The Winner

    I would love to pick Carlos, just to know someone would be furious with a guy who hit .208 winning Player of the Week, but I think last week belonged to the pitching, and no pitcher did more than Carrasco, who is on the best roll of his career, looking like the #2 starter I'd stopped hoping he would become. Last week was the best week of his career, and he's an easy choice here for me.

    Congratulations to Carlos (Carrasco)!