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Terry Francona calls Trevor Bauer stubborn

Francona talks Bauer, Giambi talks future, Greinke talks stupidity, and 29 fan bases mourn the loss of an incredible trade partner for their team...

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Last night

The Indians picked up their 12th extra-inning victory of the season Friday night. The last time the Tribe won that many was back in 1995, when the juggernaut won 13 extra-inning affairs. David Murphy (in his first AB back from the DL) played hero with a bases-loaded single. Prior to that, T.J. House pitched another great game.

Let's Go Tribe recap (Ryan) recap (Jordan Bastian) recap (Dennis Manoloff)

Other Tribe items

Terry Francona calls Trevor Bauer "stubborn," but tries to spin that as a good thing. Bauer struggled again in the 1st inning on Thursday, a recurring theme in his season. The coaching staff is trying to help him work around that problem.

Jason Giambi sat down for five questions with Paul Hoynes. Giambi acknowledges that he was ready to return from the DL earlier than he was actually brought back, but that his return wasn't what was best for the team.

Peter Gammons looks at the Tribe's collection of fairly young power arms, which coud lead them to contention in 2015.

From Stuart Wallace at Beyond the Box Score, a look at concussions this season. Who has suffered them and how long were they out for? (Carlos Santana and Yan Gomes are among 20 players who've landed on the DL for a concussion this season) The post also discusses some of the protocol involved in diagnosing concussions.

Around MLB

Manny Ramirez is impressing everyone with his work as a hitting instructor and mentor to young players. Ken Rosenthal looks at Manny's work with Cubs prospects in Iowa, and the transformation he seems to have undergone. It's too bad he's not in Columbus instead.

Dominican players are feeding their countrymen on visiting teams. The Washington Post looks at a food-providing network around MLB, in which players on many teams provide home-cooked Dominican style food for players on visiting teams. Many current players credit the awesome Vladimir Guerrero for having started the tradition.

"There were guys I played with that were so stupid that they're really good." The Los Angeles Times profiles pitcher Zack Greinke, who isn't scared to be honest when speaking with reporters.

Paul Konerko has a broken bone in his hand, and while it's expected that he'll be able to make it back for the final week or so of the season, it's possible his year is over, which would also mean his career is over. He's struggled this season, but he deserves better than having his career end with an injury.

Kevin Towers is out as GM of the Diamondbacks. Today 29 other teams mourn his departure from the world of guys in charge of an MLB roster.

Ron Washington has stepped down as manager of the Rangers, due to an off-the-field personal matter. Washington has been heavily criticized for his in-game tactics, but is beloved by most of his current and former players.

You know who's said about the news? This young man...