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Tigers punish the Indians in the 11th, win 11-4

You might not be able to tell based on the final score, but this game went 11 innings and the Indians pretty easily could have won.

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Game 138: Tigers 11, Indians 4

Box Score

Tribe falls to 71-67

For a few minutes, it looked horrific. Then, for a long time, things looked pretty positive. Heck, the longer it went on the more things started to look good. But then Josh Tomlin entered the game and everything went black.

In the first inning, Trevor Bauer took the wind out of everyone's sails, allowing 4 hits, 3 walks (1 of the intentional variety), throwing a few wild pitches and giving up 4 earned runs. Going up against Max Scherzer, you might be inclined to throw in the towel right then and there. But, suddenly, something strange happened. Trevor Bauer would pitch 5 2/3 innings giving up only 2 more hits. Meanwhile, the Indians offense would slowly wear away at Scherzer, making him throw a lot of pitches, scoring 1 in the 4th and 2 in the 6th. All told, they made Scherzer throw 124 pitches in 6 innings. That's 4.77 per batter! For good measure, the Indians would score 1 more in the 7th with Michael Brantley doubling home Michael Bourn, tying the game.

For the longest time, the bullpen would hold the line. The revolving door of Nick Hagadone, C.C. Lee, Bryan Shaw and Cody Allen would go 3 1/3 innings without giving up a single baserunner. The Indians offense couldn't solve Detroit's bullpen after the 7th, so the game would go into extras.

Scott Atchison pitched a run-free 10th, but not without a little drama. A leadoff double to Miguel Cabrera made things interesting, but good ole' Uncle Scott escaped unharmed. But then, the Indians needed another pitcher. That pitcher was Josh Tomlin.

Josh Tomlin might not have been the best starting pitcher but he's actually now been an even worse reliever. Coming into the game, the opposing team was batting .308/.341/.487 off Tomlin in 9 innings. That, of course, was before giving up 5 runs on 2 walks and 3 hits while only recording one out. One of those hits, the backbreaker, was a 3 run homer by Victor Martinez. Because why not.

Bryan Price would come on to finish the inning, giving up 2 runs of his own to cap the scoring at 7 runs, 11-4 Tigers. Not even Jim Johnson finishing the game could save the Tribe.

Before the series, I had the Indians pegged as needing to go 3-1, but assuming that the suspended Royals game finishes our way, a 2-2 split would have done fine. This team will need to go on an extended winnings streak of 5+ games if it wants to right the ship. To make matters worse, Seattle, New York and Toronto all won tonight. Yes, that's right, we are now a half game behind the Blue Jays.

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