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Friday News & Notes: Still not dead (plus more on Klubot)


He's learned to mimic human facial expressions
He's learned to mimic human facial expressions
Jason Miller

Thanks to a walk off win by the Rangers, theTribe's playoff hopes are still alive. IT COULD STILL HAPPEN GUYS. IT TOTALLY COULD! ...Ahem. Anyway, here's what else is going on around baseball...

Indians news & notes

Kluber or Hernandez? Cy voters have it rough | - Jordan Bastian weighs in on the Corey Kluber vs. Felix Hernandez Cy Young race. With Hernandez' rough outing this week, Kluber has a chance to put the exclamation point on his season and sway Cy voters toward his cause.

Kluber-led rotation could remain intact for years | - Kluber, Carlos Carrasco, Danny Salazar, Trevor Bauer, and T.J. House: we've got control of these guys for years to come. If things proceed in the future as they have this season, those are gonna be some enjoyable years.

Top five Indians picthing performances... | - ... as seen by Paul Hoynes. Get Hoynsie's unique and unfiltered take on the five best pitching performances he's ever seen. Only one Kluber start on here. I wonder if Klubot approves.

Indians had the pieces but couldn't solve the puzzle | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - Just because we needed at least one Debbie Downer in the parade, Laurel Wilder looks back on the season and laments that we could never quite get all the pieces clicking at the same time.

Is Trevor Bauer running out of steam? | Wahoo's On First - OK, there's another Debbie Downer. Bauer looked like he was getting things figured out, but a drop in velocity late in the season is cause for concern.

Tidbits from around MLB