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Indians can't get offense going, fall to the Royals

It was essentially over after the first inning.

This plane is definitely crashing!
This plane is definitely crashing!
Jason Miller

Game 157: Royals 2, Indians 0

Box Score

Tribe falls to 82-75

I don't fancy myself much of a defeatist but, perhaps, the hope has all run out.

The Kansas City Royals scored exactly two runs tonight - both products of the baseball deflecting off of an infielder's glove for a single. The first, in the first, off the end of Chris Gimenez's glove, which didn't have any business on his hand at the time because Chris Gimenez doesn't have any business starting at first base for the Cleveland Indians at this time. But, that's where he was and thus the run was scored. The second run, which was never really necessary, scored on a hard hit ball to Jose Ramirez in the 5th off the bat of Alcides Escobar. Ramirez is capable of making that play, but it is far from automatic and nobody should blame him for coming up empty.

The Tribe offense squared off against left-hander Danny Duffy. Duffy has had a great year and, obviously, throws with his left hand, but he hadn't pitched since September 6th when he threw only one pitch before exiting with an injury. And Duffy looked like he hadn't pitched in that long, too. Right out of the gate he looked a little lost. He was struggling to find a comfort-zone on the mound as he loaded the bases with nobody out. It looked like the Tribe might get that 1st inning run back, but it wouldn't be so. Carlos Santana popped out on the first pitch, Yan Gomes struck out looking and Mike Aviles put up a mighty 9-pitch at bat but eventually flew out to right to end the threat.

The Indians tried again in the second inning with two runners on and two outs, but couldn't come through. They wouldn't get another viable scoring opportunity for the rest of the game. They spent the rest of the game either befuddled by the home plate umpire's strike zone or getting two-out hits with nobody on base.

To cap off the frustrating night at the plate, Francona sent J.B. Shuck to the plate in the 9th to bat for Gimenez. I'm just going to let that one speak for itself.

There were only two bright spots in the game. The first was Michael Bourn who went 2 for 3 with a walk and a double. The other bright spot was, of course, Carlos Carrasco. He wasn't nearly as dominant as his last time out but he still struck out 9 over 7 1/3 innings and allowed only one walk. He gave up 7 hits and they were either scattered over several innings or the two luck-aided hits that scored runs.  Even if this season doesn't result in a playoff appearance, the future looks very bright for Cookie, finally.

Oh, I lied, the other bright spot was that Seattle lost 14-4 to Toronto who, out of the race, showed up and played some solid baseball anyway. Hope lives with quietest murmur of a heartbeat, but it lives. Somebody call a doctor.

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