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Monday News & Notes: Tito in command, Kluber hates numbers

Can the Indians win out?

Seven more smooth games may be all it takes
Seven more smooth games may be all it takes
Hannah Foslien

Regardless of the results of this season, it can't be said that the Tribe didn't make it interesting during these last few weeks. There are seven games left, so strap in and enjoy the ride.

Yesterday's game: Indians 7, Twins 2

The LGT staff is out of superlatives for Corey Kluber, but Kluber doesn't care. He's a robot. He just keeps getting better and better with no regard for human emotion. Klubot gonna Klubot.

Indians news & notes

Francona makes plans at 30,000 feet | - Monday, the Indians play a "double header" against the Royals, and Terry Francona is being tight-lipped about his plans for the suspend game/full game combo.

The Tito effect | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - Bob Toth lays out his argument for why the Indians wouldn't be in playoff contention if it weren't for Terry Francona.

Kluber won't talk numbers, but Hoynsie will | - Unlike some other pitchers, Kluber doesn't keep track of his stats as he pitches. Instead, they're automatically archived into his auxillary CPU between innings. Regardless, Paul Hoynes highlights some interesting numbers about Klubot.

A new role for The Attach | - Zach McAllister started the season as a starter, sucked, but is adjusting well to his new role as a reliever.

The WAR Room: Lake County pitchers | Indians Baseball Insider - IBI takes a look back at the Lake County Captains pitching staff with an eye toward future contributors.

Tidbits from around MLB