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Late home run propels Tigers over the Indians

The only Cleveland offense of the game is pictured above.

Jason Miller

Game 136: Tigers 4, Indians 2

Box Score

Tribe falls to 70-66

You might be inclined to blame Cody Allen for this loss, given that he did surrender the 3-run home run to J.D. Martinez in the 9th, but I ask you not to. Sure, he grooved one that then vanished into the bushes beyond center field. It's true. But you can't keep hitting the ball like the Indians have and expect to win games. Not against the 1st or 2nd best offensive team in the American League. Not really against anybody, to be honest.

The Indians managed 7 hits and 7(!) walks tonight against the rookie Kyle Lobstein. I get it, he's a lefty and a rookie so we were probably doomed from the beginning. But that's 14 baserunners! Why, to score only two runs you'd have to, I dunno, be about 1 for 6 with runners in scoring position and strand let's say 11 runners. That is, in fact, what the Indians did, scoring their only runs off a two-run shot by Carlos Santana in the 1st inning. And they wouldn't score again.

In the meantime, Carlos Carrasco played Houdini, constantly working himself out of jam after jam. The Tigers approach to him was to swing early and it worked, they just couldn't get the big hit to break it open. The only run they'd score in Carlos's 5 1/3 innings came in the 2nd, when they loaded the bases on 3 straight singles and then Alex Avila walked to "drive in" a run. That all happened with nobody out, but Carlos managed to strike out 2 hitters and induce a ground out to escape. Escape was the theme for all Indians pitchers tonight as they walked 3 and gave up 15 hits. Well, all except Cody Allen.

Allen has given up 2 big home runs in his last 2 games and appears to be in a bit of a funk. I'm not sure if any relief is in sight, at least not positive relief, since the Indians are either being blown out or are clinging to a small lead the entire game and desperately need his services.

While it was nice to see Tito put Tyler Holt in right against the lefty starter, but I would have much rather seen Jesus Aguilar in at DH instead of Ryan Raburn, fresh off his DL stint. I know Francona loves his veterans, but Holt, Jose Ramirez and Jesus Aguilar all faced Lobstein first hand this year in Columbus. In fact, both Ramirez and Aguilar homered off of Lobstein in a game back in April. I'm not saying we would have won if Aguilar had been in the game, but if he isn't going to be in the lineup against a left handed starter who he is familiar with, when will play? Maybe when we're not playing meaningful games anymore? At this rate, that will be sooner rather than later.

Just to add insult to injury, tonight's attendance was less than 10K. Paging Chuck...

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