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Indians Tuesday News & Notes: Undeniables and Undesirables

The Indians seem intent on blowing even the tiniest patina of a mathematical possibility.

Bob Levey

We're still baseball fans. I guess. We're not eliminated yet. Technically. I guess.

Yesterday's game

With the season kinda-sorta still on the line, the Indians found a way to lose to the Astros. Pitching to Jose Altuve didn't help. The recaps:

LGT: Indians lose to Astros as offense and defense let down pitching again
PD: Michael Brantley drops ball, Cleveland Indians continue downward trend in loss to Astros
MLB: Improved McAllister not enough to halt skid

Indians news

Zach McAllister's future, Zach Walter's no comment, Houston's little big man: Cleveland Indians quick hits | — Pluto updates us on both Zachs, but the Attach and the ... hm, how are we going to do this? Are they both the Attach? Is one Zach Mach the Attach and the other Zach Wach the Attach? I feel like somebody already probably covered this in the Comments while I wasn't paying attention.

Ailing Raburn's status remains unclear; MRI may be needed | — I'm including this because the writer does a pretty good job of pretending like things involving Raburn are, you know, noteworthy. Interesting. Relevant. News.

Small Things Adding Up: Michael Bourn’s Speedy Decline | FanGraphs Baseball — For some reason, I'm always impressed when Fangraphs takes the time to talk about one of our little players. Any chance we can get them to start a Michael Bourn Society? No, I suppose not.

Around the majors

Chris Davis, 2014: What Happened? | FanGraphs Baseball — Yeah, what did happen? This guy was a total mess well before his recent suspension.

Clayton Kershaw’s Replacing Strikeouts with Strikeouts, Basically | FanGraphs Baseball — I'm not much of fascist (as all fascists like to say), but when a player is putting up a ridiculous performance, I do like to think about it a lot, look at it from every direction.

How Clayton Kershaw compares to previous MVP pitchers. | — More or Kershaw, as Castro makes the inevitable comparison and ranking.

For better or worse, this is the Angels' year. | — Leitch thinks the first-to-clinch Angels have a very short window.

Jonathan Papelbon’s suspension could possibly save the Phillies $13 million | HardballTalk — It's pretty rare that a player can cost himself contractually owed money just by being a doucehbag. It's just a shame that it's the Phillies who will save that money, because seriously, can you think of anyone less likely to spend the savings well?

MLB, players taking careful approach in crafting domestic-violence policy | FOX Sports — Thorny.