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Indians Monday News & Notes: The end of hope

Waiting till next year since 1949

The perfect encapsulation of the 2014 season
The perfect encapsulation of the 2014 season
Duane Burleson

I don't want to write any more about the 2015 Indians. Do I have to? Ok fine. Whatever. I guess I'll do it. Here's some news or whatever.

Yesterday's terrible game: Stupid Tigers 6, Indians 4

The Indians bullpen collapsed for the second day in a row, cementing the sweep for Detroit and effectively ending the Tribe's season. Several poor souls were forced to write recaps of this game. Here are some of them.

Indians news & notes

Playoff hopes hit the wall following sweep | - Hoynes states the obvious. There won't be any September magic this year. Just sadness and clichéd platitudes from veteran "clubhouse leaders" about how the Indians just need to try to win games.

Francona defends Kipnis tweet rage | - Jason Kipnis let loose on a twitter follower after Saturday's depressing loss, and his manager stepped up to defend him. It's good to see Kip still has heart, but it would be better if he still had talent. It's fun to hear Tito wax poetic on social media, though.

A season of missed opportunities | Did The Tribe Win Last Night? - A recap of all the things that went wrong with the team (so far) in 2014.

The WAR Room: Mudcats 2014 review | Indians Baseball Insider - Recapping this year's top performers on the Carolina Mudcats.

Around the league

SRO tickets: the new hot commodity | Sports On Earth - I remember back in the 90's when my family would score standing room only tickets and I'd be ecstatic - those were the only tickets we could ever get our hands on. But now, SRO is trendy. Why buy a seat to watch a baseball game when you can buy the privilege to stand around drinking expensive light beer and socializing?

Papelbon blows save, gets booed, grabs crotch, gets ejected | Hardball Talk - What a [redacted]ing [redacted].

Abreu wants to sing national anthem | Twitter - What is more American than defecting from Cuba, coming to America to make boatloads of cash, and then singing the national anthem before a game? Jose Abreu is my new favorite non-Indian on a team I hate.

Cuban Tomas could get $100 million | Boston Globe - Buried in Nick Cafardo's notes is a tidbit that defected Cuban slugger Yasmani Tomas could command as much as $100 million on the open market.

Mariners fire ice cream-buying scout | CBS Sports - The scout who bought Jesus Montero icea cream as a taunt has been let go by Seattle.

Red Sox have "a lot of money" to spend next year | Fox Sports - Also! The sky is blue.