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Indians Saturday News & Notes: Improbable Comebacks

The Indians drop the first game in a season-defining series vs. Detroit.

Jason Miller

Hey, don't look so shocked. I'm just happy to be here and hope I can help the ballclub. I just wanna give it my best shot, and the Good Lord willing, things'll work out. We gotta play 'em one day at a time.

Last night's game

The Indians basically got their butts kicked by Detroit, despite solid work from Carlos Carrasco, to start a series that might all but end hopes of a 2013-like dramatic comeback in the season's final week.

LGT recap: Indians fall 7-2 in opener against Detroit recap
Indians drop series opener to powerful Detroit Tigers, 7-2 |

Indians news & notes

Jose Ramirez, Francisco Lindor, and a Nice Problem to Have | FanGraphs Baseball — A nice thought experiment. If Ramirez is solid and 30% of elite shortstop prospects bust, then why shouldn't we think about trading Lindor? I can think of plenty of reasons, but it's worth the exercise to think about it. I'm inclined to think locking up Kipnis for the next six seasons gives us the right to move him to the outfield, and it would be nice for the Indians to favor defense in these decisions for a change. More than that, however, I think I'll believe we have three really good, really healthy big-league options in the middle infield when I actually see it.

Kluber takes place among game's elite | — Castro ponders Corey Kluber's improbable jump to "ace" status.

Rainout gives McAllister another starting opportunity | — Bastian manages to get ~800 words out of the fact that Zach will get to Attach his first start in months. Hey, this guy used to be good, remember?

Hitting .159 on June 1, Carlos Santana has turned his season around in a huge way | HardballTalk — Gleeman notes that Santana has a 947 OPS since leaving the hot corner almost four months ago.

Cleveland Indians catcher Roberto Perez grew up during Lake County Captains 2010 championship season | — Apparently some coach saw Perez not having any grit and really let him have it so now he has grit. It's probably better than I'm making it sound.

Quality Quintet: The Cleveland Indians' 5 starting pitchers have formed a more-than-capable rotation | — We've had good rotations. We've had bad rotations. It's hard to recall an Indians rotation that has been more surprising, for good and for ill, than this one.

Around the league

A couple of initial thoughts on the Chris Davis suspension | HardballTalk — "Amphetamines are a performance-enhancer," Calcaterra says, "and if you take one, you deserve what you get." It actually isn't that simple, though. People with ADD or ADHD have different brain chemistry, so we generally respond differently to stimulants (from coffee to cocaine) than other people do. Stimulants actually have a calming effect on people with these conditions, allowing them to focus in a way more similar to the average person. So while it does enhance performance, it really is more along the lines of alleviating a disability. Personally, I'm no longer on amphetamines, but a keen awareness of how coffee can modulate my ability to concentrate is a pretty important factor in my day-to-day professional life.

Why we root for the Royals - Royals Review — Yeah, I know this blog is kind of on our Ish List at the moment (as my doppelgänger might say), but this is still a good read, and no doubt you will find a thing or two that resonates here.

It's time for the Twins to rethink their leadership. | —  Castro, no doubt cursing the cruel timing that meant he would never get edited by me, reports on the Twins' pondering why they suck all the time.

BP Wayback Machine: A Fan's Quandary | Baseball Prospectus — Derek Zumsteg indulges in a timely flashback, to a time when he found himself rooting for Bad Men on his professional sports team. Lord knows Indians fans have had our share: Jason Michaels, John Rocker, Jose Mesa. Plus, Brick killed a guy!

A look at which MLB teams are clinging to playoff life. | — Will Leitch considers the still-hopeful win-loss threshold for playoff teams on the bubble. He figures we need to go 13-4 (now 13-3 after last night's loss), giving us 89 wins, and I think he's right.

And finally

Elizabeth McCarthy & Jason Lukehart - Wedding Registry — Candlesticks always make a nice gift, and uh, maybe you could find out where she's registered, and maybe a place-setting or maybe a silverware pattern. OK, let's get two! Go get 'em.