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Carlos Santana homers again and T.J. House shuts down the Twins

Carlos Santana was all the offense had and all that they needed.

Channeling Sal Fasano, T.J. House gets nasty.
Channeling Sal Fasano, T.J. House gets nasty.
David Maxwell

Game 145: Indians 2, Twins 0

Box Score

Tribe improves to 76-69

T.J. House, ladies and gentlemen! 7IP, 4H, 8K and no BBs. House didn't enter the season on anybody's radar and he still has some work to do, but he was fantastic today. Not only did he only give up 4 hits, but he didn't allow more than 1 in any inning. And better yet? He did it just when the Indians needed it.

The only offense in this game came from Carlos Santana. The game was scoreless until his solo homer in the 4th broke the gridlock. After the 4th, the Indians couldn't get a runner past 1st base, but that changed in the 8th. Again, just when they needed it.

While House was great and Shaw pitched a scoreless 8th, a multi-run lead in the 9th is always better than a one-run lead. Michael Bourn singled to lead off the inning and Michael Brantley walked with one out to bring our hero to the plate and he didn't disappoint. Santana lined a single into left field to give the Indians that insurance run they were looking for.

Cody Allen would come on in the 9th and get out of the game with a fly out and a ground ball double play to pick up the save, rendering the insurance run moot. Yet, it was still encouraging to see Carlos come through for the extra run in a one-run game.

The win means that the Indians took the series against the Twins and are still relevant in the playoff chase. They go into a 3-game set with the Tigers now needing a series win, though, things would look even better with a series sweep. Until then, we keep grinding and hope for good Weather.

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