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Nick Swisher and David Murphy exit early with injuries

The news could be better, but it could also be worse.

Jonathan Daniel

The Indians 3-0 winner Saturday afternoon at Yankee Stadium, powered by another excellent start by Corey Kluber, and home runs from Jose Ramirez (the first of his career) and Michael Brantley (his 17th of the season). David Murphy exited the game in the 6th inning though, due to pain in his right side, and Nick Swisher was pulled during the 7th inning, due to soreness in his right knee.

The extent of these injuries is not yet known. Murphy will likely have an MRI Sunday morning to try and determine what is wrong, which Swisher, who has been dealing with knee pain all season, will see how he feels in the morning. Either way, it is unlikely that either player will be in the lineup for Sunday's series finale, and with a day off on Monday, the Indians will have a couple days to figure out what they need to do.

Swisher has been playing terribly this season, with a batting line of .208/.278/.331, which is among the worst in baseball for everyday players, and poor defense at first base and in the outfield. I wouldn't wish an injury upon the man, but I also wouldn't mind if the Indians took it nice and slow with his return. Murphy has cooled way off after a strong start to the season, but he still has average numbers at the plate, and his absence would be a somewhat bigger loss, if only because of the lack of appealing replacement options.

Michael Bourn has been on a rehab assignment, and could be ready to return on Tuesday, allowing Michael Brantley to move back over to left field, but that would still leave Ryan Raburn or Mike Aviles to play right field, which doesn't sound good. If Swisher and/or Murphy do end up on the DL, Tyler Holt could eventually be called back up, and given some actual playing time. The front office might also choose to bring up James Ramsey, a 24-year-old who was acquired in exchange for Justin Masterson last week. He posted strong numbers in Double-A before the trade, and it would be interesting to get a look at him.