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Jose Ramirez hits his first career home run and Corey Kluber dominates the Yankees

It took offense from the unlikeliest of sources and stellar pitching from The Unfair One, but the Indians got it done today.

Get funky!
Get funky!
Jim McIsaac

Game 117: Indians 3, Yankees 0

Box Score

Tribe improves to 58-59

You had the feeling that even with Corey Kluber on the mound, the Indians might still try to find a way to lose. But they didn't! Rejoice!

Kluber wasn't quite as efficient, only lasting 6 innings, but he struck out 10 in the process. The only real solid contact made all day was Jacoby Ellsbury's double with one out in the 4th, which also happened to be the first hit of the game for the Yankees. Kluber gave up only 4 hits on the day, 2 of the others being infield singles and the remaining coming from a bloop into left. When the balls started finding holes (not because of poor defense!) Kluber just reached back and got the strikeout instead. Don't worry guys, he's got this.

The offense did all of their damage via the long ball. Lonnie Chisenhall singled in the 2nd and was brought home a ball off the bat of Jose Ramirez that just snuck over the right field wall to give the Indians a 2-0 advantage. Throughout the next few innings there was some brokering going on to get Ramirez the ball, as it was his field MLB home run. In the end, the kid and his dad coughed up the ball in exchange for one signed by Jason Giambi. Good guy, that Giambi.

Michael Brantley capped the scoring when he led off the 8th with a monster blast off the foul pole in right, giving him 17 on the year and back into 2nd on the team behind Carlos Santana. Brantley and Ramirez both went 3 for 4 on the day and you have to feel good for Ramirez. Not only does he get his first home run in the big leagues, but this might kickstart his play at the plate, which has been struggling since his callup.

On the day, the Yankees struck out 15 times - 10 to Kluber, 3 to Bryan Shaw and 2 to Cody Allen. I know things have looked bleak at time for this team, but as gte619n noted in the Game Thread, Allen really needs mentioned as a bright spot on this year's team and I think Bryan Shaw deserves it as well. We'd be in much much worse condition without those two guys pulling the heavy load this year.

The Indians will try to take the series and crawl back to .500 tomorrow as Carlos Carrasco makes his return to starting pitching against Hiroki Kuroda. Strap in, folks!

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