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Indians Friday News & Notes: Carrasco getting the start, Clevinger's upside, and more PED probes

There are nearly two months of baseball left. Let that sink in.

I'm in the rotation again? Shake on it? NO TAKE-BACKSIES!
I'm in the rotation again? Shake on it? NO TAKE-BACKSIES!
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we're back under .500 again. But at least we're out of the tree. Or something. Here's what's going on around baseball:

Yesterday's game: Reds 4, Indians 0

The Ohio Cup will reside in Cincinnati for the next year thanks to another Tribe loss. That's really about all I can say about it without swearing, and last I checked this is still a family website. Of course, I'm not sure what kind of sadist would subject their family to this.

Indians news & notes

Is Kipnis headed in the right direction? | - Jason Kipnis went 3-4 on Wednesday night, showing some signs of encouragement and hitting the ball to the opposite field. Maybe he can suck less down the stretch.

Carrasco to start Sunday against Yankees | - Let the Carlos Carrasco v376735.4 experiment begin. It's happening whether we like it or not.

Indians go for upside with Clevinger | Indians Baseball Insider - IBI discusses the Tribe's newest acquisition, Michael Clevinger. Like the man he was traded for, Vinnie Pestano, Clevinger is also a Tommy John "survivor," but he's got potential.

Reliving yesteryear with Bobby Avila | Waiting For Next Year - WFNY looks at one of the Tribe's 50's greats as part of their ongoing series.

Ohio senator introduces resolution encouraging removal of Wahoo | - Loathe as I am to bring this up again, it seemed newsworthy. Hard to tell if this resolution would have any teeth even if it passes, but the issue seems to be gaining critical mass.

Tidbits from around MLB

Baseball's top August pickups | Sports On Earth - SOE reminds us that some of baseball's biggest blockbuster trades happened after the deadline.

Marlins' Jennings gets concussion from being hit by batted ball | CBS Sports - Scary stuff here. Marlins reliever Dan Jennings was hit in the head by a well-struck batted ball. Fortunately, he never lost consciousness, and was diagnosed with "just" a concussion. I wonder how long it'll be until we see more pitchers wearing a protective cap.

Patchwork rotation keeping Yankees in the race | CBS Sports - It's tempting to look at the Yankees rotation and laugh, but it's bad form given the state of our rotation. Actually scratch that, it's always right and good to defame the Jackasses.

Dodgers acquire Fauxsto Carmona | LA Times - ICYMI, LGFT Roberto Hernandez is not only an immigrations dodger, but also a Los Angeles Dodger.

MLB asks DEA for names in new probe | ESPN - MLB is looking for the names of five new players named in a new Bogenesis probe.

Tulowitzki thinks things "need to change" in Colorado | Denver Post - Troy Tulowitzki wants to win. He doesn't necessarily want to leave Colorado, but he's "sick and tired of losing."