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Wolters, Smith, Baker, Maronde, Head to be on AZFL team

I assume this is another step in converting Nick Maronde back to a starting pitcher.

Nick Maronde interests me. In fact, I'd say he Matters.
Nick Maronde interests me. In fact, I'd say he Matters.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

• Michael Brantley has the best stolen base percentage among qualified batters and Dustin Pedroia has the worst.

• I don't think this has appeared in a news and notes yet, so here is August Fagerstrom's take on Trevor Bauer's Effective Velocity beliefs.

• Cody Allen did not appear in last night's game despite it being a save situation. But don't be alarmed, it was just a second day off after 3 straight appearances. Here's more from Bastian on last night's game.

• I bet you've never heard this one before: Carlos Quentin is about to be shut down for the season.

• For some reason, the Mariners made another long-term commitment to #JackZ.

• The Toronto Blue Jays continued their slide last night against Boston. Entering the 11th inning tied at 4, the Blue Jays allowed 7 runs in the top of the 11th. The 3 they scored in the bottom of the inning was not enough to stop them from falling to .500.

Yordano Ventura was already scratched from his start today. Liam Hendriks will take his place. Hendriks is somehow still only 25!?

• Zach Walters hit another home run yesterday. Yawn. Anyways...